Stream RARBG movies on Stremio – no downloads required

This guide illustrates how to use RARBG Torrents add-on to stream RARBG movies on Stremio. The Stremio app can be installed on Firestick / TV, Android TV Box, Windows PC, Mac, Linux, Android TV, Android smartphones, iOS devices and Nvidia Shield.

RARBG is one of the most popular and respected torrent sites today. The site has been around since 2008 and offers files for movies, TV shows, games, music and software, among others. It also has a unique feature of a blog section on the right that provides entertainment news.

Apart from offering various content, the site is free popular with film and TV fans as it usually hosts files up to 4K quality and it is regularly updated. To watch the latest movies, there is a box office section with recently released content. There is also a top 10 list to help you see what’s popular among the torrent community.

RARBG + Stremio

Stremio is a media center that allows users to stream almost any movie and TV show. Specifically designed to work with torrent files, the software can extract content from torrent sites and let you stream without buffering issues.

RARBG is one of the best torrent sites that can be used with Stremio and the two services are extremely well integrated so you can stream any title on RARBG without downloading it. This is made possible by a RARBG add-on specially created to obtain files from the site. Integrating the two is pretty easy and this guide will show you how to stream RARBG movies on Stremio.

Note: Stremio is still subject to torrenting issues

ISP blocking

As a measure to combat copyright infringement, governments around the world have instructed ISPs to block torrents. This applies to RARBG in more than 20 countries, including the UK, Australia, France, Germany, Russia, Spain, Sweden, Belgium and Italy.

If you want to access torrent sites in such countries, you must connect to a VPN server outside the country. The VPN will then encrypt your activities and spoof your IP address to make your traffic look like it is from another country. This way you can access any site that has been blocked by your internet service provider.

Copyright Infringement

For a long time, torrenting has been a focus of copyright agencies because it is one of the primary means of copyright infringement. The technology itself is not illegal, but millions of people around the world use it to download copyrighted content.

This then led to it multiple lawsuits, torrent site shutdown, ISP blocking, heavy fines, and copyright infringement notices. To avoid this, torrent users around the world have to do that encrypt their online activities and hide their IP addresses to stay safe.

Best VPN for torrenting

After analyzing various VPNs related to torrenting, BestDroidPlayer recommends using IPVanish. This is due to the following:

  • Torrent on all servers: While most VPNs prohibit P2P traffic and others restrict it to just a few servers, IPVanish allows users to stream on all of their servers.
  • Socks5 Proxy: For downloaders, the VPN offers a proxy that can be set up within your torrent client, if you don’t want to use the VPN. It allows you to change your IP address without affecting your speeds or the rest of the computer. However, keep in mind that the proxy does not encrypt your activities.
  • Kill switch: A kill switch disconnects your internet connection in case you lose your VPN connection. This ensures that you are not exposed.
  • Super Speeds: IPVanish is one of the fastest VPNs out there, so you can torrent without significantly impacting your speed.

To help you get started, IPVanish offers a special 59% discount for BestDroidPlayer readers. You can use the link below and you are also eligible for one 100% money back guarantee in case you want to cancel.

How to stream RARBG movies on Stremio

Install Stremio

Stremio is quite easy to install as all you have to do is download and run the file package or download the app from the store. The media center can be set up on the following platforms:

free guides
  • Windows
  • Mac OS
  • Linux
  • Android (Firestick, Fire TV, Nvidia Shield, Android TV Boxes and smartphones)
  • iOS (limited version)

The apps for Android and iOS can be installed from the store, but for the other platforms you need to download the installation file.

To do this, go to and download the correct version for your device. From there, make sure you’ve allowed installation from other sources and then run the file. Stremio should install.

You can choose to create an account (free) or log in as a guest. If you want to use Stremio on multiple devices, we recommend creating an account to allow synchronization of your add-ons and watch lists.

Install and set up Stremio on Firestick & Fire TV

How to install Stremio on Android Smart TV

Install RARBG Addon on Stremio

After installing Stremio on your device, it should open on the discovery page where you can watch many top movies and TV shows.Stremio Media Center

However, if you try to play them, they don’t play. This is because you have not yet configured any add-ons. Follow the procedure below to install the RARBG add-on on Stremio – it takes less than a minute:

  1. Top right, click on the add-on iconAdd-ons for stremio
  2. Ensure that Community Add-ons”Is selected type “RARBG” in the search box.Stremio Community Addons
  3. The RARBG Torrents add-on should be the first option. Click on “Install”Install RARBG addon on Stremio
  4. On the doll that follows, click on “Install”install RARBG torrents add-on on Stremio
  5. RARBG Torrents will now be installed and you will be notified. You can also install the RAR and Torrentio add-on. The latter offers torrent streams from multiple torrent providers.add-on installed notification stremio

After installing the RARBG add-on on Stremio, you need to close and reopen stremio. Now if you select or search for a movie title you should be able to see RARBG streams ranging from SD to 4K. In this step, you should use the VPN to avoid being blocked by your ISP.RARBG streams on stremio

From there, you can now enjoy RARBG movies on Stremio. You can also enhance your experience by installing the OpenSubtitles Stremio add-on.

Watch RARBG movies on Stremio
Streaming RARBG movies on Stremio

In addition to eliminating the need to download your movie, Stremio offers you the following:

  • Ability to resume where you left (available in the ‘Board’ section)
  • Function to add a title to your library

The app’s interface makes it easy to search for movies or TV shows because you can filter by type, genre, rating, and even year.


Thanks to Stremio, downloading movies from torrents will soon be a story of the past as you can easily stream torrents directly through Stremio. This saves you waiting time and also improves your streaming experience through a fantastic interface, top-notch features and multi-device synchronization.

But to ensure that you do not risk legal action or DMCA notification, you need to make sure that you first connect to an IPVanish server.

Disclaimer! BestDroidPlayer does not support or promote the consumption of illegal content. The information provided here is for educational purposes only and you use it at your own risk. To stay safe, always make sure to use a reliable VPN while torrenting!

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