"Strip, Sex and Crime": Chippendales documentary on SWR

All covers are dropped on SWR television. This week’s “Strip, Sex and Crime” shows the turbulent history of the Chippendales.

Candace Mayeron calls the Chippendales shows “Disneyland for women”. Mayeron worked with the Chippendales for a long time and was involved in one of the greatest stories in the entertainment industry. As the SWR announces, there is a dark chapter behind the glamorous facade, which has missed the glamorous facade a few cracks. The documentary “Strip, Sex and Crime” illuminates a brutal crime that shook the stripper group.

Nicola Graef and Julia Zinke take a look behind the scenes of the Chippendales and uncover the dark side of show business. The history of the group goes back to Somen Banerjee. The Indian immigrant founded a dance club in Los Angeles in the 1980s: the first men’s striptease show for women. Within a few years, the Chippendales became a worldwide success. But the documentary will also investigate, according to broadcaster information, how fierce competition came about between Banerjee and the choreographer and singer Nick De Noia. Banerjee finally had his rival shot by a contract killer.

“Strip, Sex and Crime – The History of the Chippendales” was produced by Lona Media on behalf of SWR and Arte. The film will be broadcast on SWR television at 10.45 p.m. on July 30. It is then available for streaming for 30 days in the ARD media library. The first broadcast took place on Arte in 2019.

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