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Unusual pictures, great actors and a bizarre provocative story make up the new “country thriller”. “All meat is grass” is about sinfulness and a very special fertilizer. A case for Tobias Moretti, who will soon have dirt on himself.

“Because all meat is like grass and all the glory of man like grass flowers. The grass has withered and the flower has fallen off, but the word of the Lord remains forever ”- this is what the Bible says. In the New Testament, the apostle Peter uses these words to remind us of the transience of earthly life. The composer Johannes Brahms used the text under the skin in 1868 for his “German Requiem” – a comforting mourning work. “All meat is grass” is also the title of the next “country thriller” episode on ZDF today Wednesday, July 29 at 8:15 p.m.. You can see the transformation of human flesh into organic fertilizers.

The act begins with adultery and blackmail. It is developing into a grotesquely abysmal, furiously filmed “film noir” in Vorarlberg, Austria. But first of all, when there is a big detonation to huge «Hallelujah» song, Santa Claus, among other things, blows up. The unusual, top-filled film was staged by pop musician, author, cabaret artist and filmmaker Reinhold Bilgeri (“Erik & Erika”).

The setting is the idyllic Dornbirn. There, the married head of the regional wastewater treatment plant, Anton Galba (Wolfgang Böck), not only indulges in his tendency to technically upgrade the sewage treatment plant. But also a relationship with his young colleague Hilde Siebers (Anna Unterberger, “Die Toten von Salzburg”).

Employee Mathis Roland (Fritz Hammel) films the revealing sex of the two in the forest, who blackmailed his superiors with the videos. When the men meet, however, Roland falls off the ladder and breaks his neck. Panicking, Galba disposes of the body in the company’s own meat mill. And thanks to his invention, the sniffer ends up with nothing more than the super fertilizer that made Galba internationally known.

However, with the calm of the older manager, husband of a lady who bakes more than just gugelhupf (Petra Morzé) and family father, it is gone. Chief inspector Nathan Weiß (Tobias Moretti, “Bad Banks”) is also investigating the disappearance. He has known Galba since school – and immediately suspects him. But instead of arresting him, he suggests a deal.

Because even in the environment of the civil servant there is a creep he would like to get rid of. “Person gone, problem gone,” says White. And so he instructs Galba to take care of it. He is forced to join in – but for white it is only the beginning: it is important to cleanse society from “pests”. Because in the Vorarlberg region, many of his locals, who like to speak in the vernacular, have dirt at their fingertips: from the unscrupulous building contractor Ludwig Stadler, with his wife Adele (Sabine Waibel) – his own ex-white – to the corrupt city councilor Karasek (Johannes Seilern).

There would also be drug dealer Mugler (Christoph Grissemann), whose material has cost the lives of many young people. In all of this, even the press in the form of TV presenter Kranz (Harald Schrott) is not free from flaws. Meanwhile, Weiß says of himself: “I love people – at least most.”

In addition to the bizarre provocative story and the great actors, the appeal of this “country thriller” lies in the camera work by Tomas Erhart: Expressionist chiaroscuro effects, ice-cold technology images, bloody dream sequences, views from the depth of a domestic soup pot or the height of the sky create a macabre disturbing atmosphere. And in the end you also know who else is flying in the air with Santa Claus.

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