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Study: Germans insult chatbots – DIGITAL TELEVISION

Study: Germans insult chatbots – DIGITAL TELEVISION

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Bad words, insults and the like: AI-based chatbots drive many customers in Germany to the heat. A study shows why this is and what companies can improve.

Who does not know that? A question about a particular product needs to be answered, but all customer service employees have been under discussion for hours. As an alternative, chatbots are supposed to be able to provide answers, but artificial intelligence often doesn’t live up to its name – the result is insults from dissatisfied customers. A study by the customer engagement software provider Freshworks Inc. has now shown that the Germans, like the Dutch, are among the most unfriendly customers in Europe.

As many as 92 percent of Germans become offensive when interacting with chatbots, while being more polite on the other hand. Germany and the Netherlands are thus well above the European average: Here the percentage is 83 percent of the interactions that contain swear words. But the anger has a reason: a quarter of customers said chatbots failed to solve their problems. The programs still have some optimization needs that companies should take to heart. Finally, an earlier study also shows the fatal effects of poor customer service: after only one negative experience, half of the customers surveyed in the six regions surveyed (USA, Great Britain, India, Australia, France and Germany) stop promoting a brand and theirs Interested in products or solutions.

On the other hand, chatbots are particularly popular for questions that people would be too embarrassed to ask a human advisor. Germany, at 27 percent, is even higher than the European average of 21 percent of those surveyed. Younger people in the age group of 18- to 24-year-olds, 33 percent, like to use this opportunity to discuss unpleasant questions, because it is particularly important for them to always get a correct answer – which is still the handover on a human employee with the help of artificial intelligence.

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