Stunt video makes you look like Noobs

In GTA Online there are many stunt professionals who have some cool tricks in store. In doing so, two players are fading everything that has gone before. The community is enthusiastic about their clip, in which they steer their jets backwards and sideways through narrow aisles.

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Tricks in GTA Online: You do it because you can.

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GTA Online: Community celebrates jet professionals

Whether car, motorcycle, jet, boat or golf caddy: The GTA Online community has been doing stunts for seven years and is still at a higher level. The Reddit user BIGpoppaKEGdog and his buddy went one better. They posted a video on Reddit asking their jets to do everything in GTA Online.

“We have all seen people fly through tunnels, but what about two people flying backwards through the Maze Bank Arena?” Commented the player on his video. Although any mistake could cause the jets to explode, the two whiz through the narrow corridors like two graceful ballet dancers. The GTA online community is enthusiastic about the performance of the two players.

Stunts in GTA Online – No matter if you should ever need these maneuvers in GTA Online operations, it’s cool because it’s possible. But the stunt community doesn’t sleep. Tomorrow someone could step onto the scene and make this achievement of the two jet professionals look old.

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