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Success of Xiaomi and Co only with reservations

by Tejas Dhawan

Image source: GIGA

Mobile phones from China are no longer just cheap alternatives to the premium products from Cupertino and Korea, Xiaomi and Co have become real trendsetters. But how sustainable is the current success at all? The weekend column provides information.


Not so long ago they were unknown, mobile phone brands like Xiaomi, Huawei, Honor, Oppo and Co – Apple and Samsung set the tone. Although these two are still relevant to the industry, the Chinese have caught up vigorously. Most recently, especially Xiaomi, as a look at the latest sales figures for the first quarter of 2020 prove. Declared as the worst Apple copier, innovator today. The previous smartphone giants are therefore under fire.

The question is in the room: Does China determine the music today and the rest of the industry has to play the second violin?

The bill: China cell phones – Google = unsuccessful

I would like to contradict that, because what should not be forgotten: The success of the China cell phones is ultimately only a success with reservations. This can be clearly seen in the example of Huawei. A rising star a year or two ago, currently just a shadow of itself. The reason for this is the technology spell of the USA against the Chinese manufacturer, because new cell phones have to do without Google’s services and apps. This also goes hand in hand with the loss of the Play Store and thus the support of popular and war-critical apps. As a result, new Huawei phones only sell on the Chinese home market. Google plays no role there according to the state rationale – the omniscient party has a hand on companies and citizens.

My thoughts on the weekend: The column wants to provide food for thought and reflect on the “news surge” of the week towards the end. A small selection of the previous articles in the column:

One possible solution: Your own operating system and your own app store. But this also does not work, because the most popular and relevant apps are now under the stars and may not play with the children from the Middle Kingdom when in doubt. Therefore, the following applies: China mobile phones are subordinate to the US will today and tomorrow, at the mercy of both. Success outside of China is “only by Trump’s grace and therefore with reservations and on demand. But if you want to stink as a mobile phone brand against the market leaders Samsung and Apple, you need the market in the rest of the world. Self-sufficiency in the home country alone is not enough. In short, this means that in the end every China brand is potentially on the brink – a worrying thought.

The GIGA China mobile phone market under the microscope:

Europe as a child of divorce

And Europe? We are in the ungrateful role of a “divorce child”, have nothing to report and sit between the chairs. When mom and dad are arguing, we have to shut up and can only dream of finally moving out and standing on our own two feet. But I’m beginning to feel a fear: Europe will still live at home at 40 and will be determined by either the USA or China, and not just in terms of smartphone technology. Somehow unfortunate, but unfortunately foreseeable.

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