Summer heat 2020: You need these cool gadgets and life hacks now

With the current temperatures of up to 36 degrees in Germany, you have to take care of yourself and cool off in between. Here are tips, tricks and technology gadgets that make hot summers more bearable.

Summer is here, there is sweating again! Before we start with the collected tips and gadgets, let’s take a look at what the Germans are doing against heat waves …

… here we see that airy clothes, cool places and cool drinks are the most popular. But at least three percent do “nothing against heat” and apparently just endure it. Well, maybe we can help. How about, for example …

… a safari hat? Would Karl Lagerfeld have nodded the part? Hard to say. What is certain is that such a sun protection hat works very easily and has been tried and tested for centuries.

The temperatures at 6 p.m., to read in the countries. Many Depperl media like to write: “Avoid the midday heat and postpone sport after work. Truth: Now there is the greatest heat, the dirtiest air – jogging is as healthy as smoking.

– Jörg | (@Kachelmann) July 24, 2019

Weather expert Jörg Kachelmann is rightly upset: Again and again it is written that sport should only be done in the evening when the sun is lower. The truth is: it is often still too hot for exercise! “The greatest heat, the dirtiest air” warns Kachelmann. Our tip: Avoid sport for a few days, unless you are already used to such extreme stress and want to win any competition.

A refrigerator that looks like a mighty guitar amp? The Marshall Fridge is clearly the coolest gadget for every rock ‘n’ roll household. Small disadvantage: there is no freezer compartment. Rather a bit of a problem if you eat mostly cold beverages from cans.

This reusable climate towel called Cimatie is moistened and worn around the neck or forehead and regulates the body temperature in a gentle way when it is hot – at least that’s what pharmacies that stock this gadget promise.

… this practical spray bottle from Pearl, which atomizes water into a cooling and refreshing mist? It is pumped by hand, so no batteries are required.

This thing belongs in every well-equipped “man’s cave”: A table with an integrated soundbar and two large cool drawers for beer and cola. An LED touch display on the glass surface is used for control. Music can be sent to the 60 watt speakers via Bluetooth or AUX. The fun is a bit expensive at over 1,100 euros.

In the heat: open or close windows? Well, experts clearly advise keeping the windows closed, at least when it’s warmer outside than inside. “Otherwise the heat will get in and will be properly enclosed in modern, well-insulated apartments,” explains Dieter Dötterer from the Federal Association of Independent Energy Consultants (GIH) to the pharmacy survey. But …

The stupid thing is always and everywhere and costs many lives.

Most of the heat deaths are not due to climate change, probes due to the grotesque superstition with the windows closed and the fan pull-through phobia.

– Jörg | (@Kachelmann) June 25, 2019

… Germany’s number 1 weather expert, Jörg Kachelmann, sees it quite differently. He warns against locking windows! His tip in the heat is: Open the window and provide a draft with a fan (test). Windows closed, at least with air conditioning systems, …

… which, by the way, do not always have to be permanently installed. There are also “mobile” versions like the Klarstein New Breeze 7, with which you can cool down at least small and medium-sized rooms.

This ice cube maker can produce an impressive 13 kilograms of ice cubes within 24 hours – all that’s missing is the right summer party in the garden.

Some call it the “Kneippian coffee”: it means immersing the arms (up to the elbows) in cold water for 10-40 seconds. This not only cools you down pleasantly, but also helps against tiredness.

The Mindframe gaming headset from Omen (more on this in our report) is equipped with a patented “Frostcap cooling system”, and customizable RGB lighting is also integrated.

When you are out and about: Wrap the beverage bottles in a wet cloth and place them in the sun. The water evaporates, removing the heat from the drink. But not too long, because then the bottle warms up again.

Two rotors blow a cooling wind in your face. Looks a little strange, maybe it does …

… a simple fan instead. We picked out a particularly successful specimen, of course with a cat motif.

Are you more of the dog type? Then buy your best friend this cooling vest. He will thank you.

The number with the bed sheet works very similarly to the trick with the towel and the water bottle: Simply wet a large cloth (preferably made of cotton) and open it near the window. The evaporation of the water removes heat from the room. The humid air then blows out a fan.

This “hand fan” also serves as a practical smartphone stand. The integrated battery is charged via USB port.

Drivers know this: Despite the air conditioning, the back can get sweaty. This high-tech car seat cover has an integrated ventilation, which should provide a remedy. It can also heat in winter, so you are prepared for every season.

For the very lazy: Instead of running to the fridge in the kitchen, you can also buy this mini fridge for the desk. However, only a single beverage can fits in this.

So simple and so effective: fill a standard hot water bottle with cold water and place it between your thighs when you go to bed.

The manufacturer Dyson, known for its designer vacuum cleaners, also builds fans. The AM07 has no rotor blades and looks extremely futuristic. Clearly a premium product at just under 300 euros.

It should actually be clear: whoever drinks alcohol in the heat, puts additional strain on their circulation. The vessels widen and water is withdrawn from the body. In addition, alcohol “gets into the blood faster” when it is hot, warns Dr. Peter Sefrin, emergency doctor and federal doctor at the German Red Cross.

This tank top from Falke promises “optimal moisture transport and fastest re-drying” thanks to polyester on the inside and polyamide on the outside. The high-tech tank top is available for 60 euros.

A cold shower only helps for a short time, because the body tries all the more to warm up afterwards. A lukewarm shower is better, it feels good for longer.

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