Sumo Digital Announce Hood: Outlaws & Legends – WePC

So far we know that players can control a number of characters called Outlaws who compete against each other in two teams of four. Each team will attempt to steal treasure guarded by an AI controlled group called The State in a PvPvE (player-versus-player-versus-environment) setup.

Your overall goal will be to steal the treasures and escape. It sounds simple enough, but if the guards look closely, find scarce weapons, and carry heavy treasure chests, it will be more difficult than it sounds. To fend off these raids you will need to work with your team and use stealth to escape before you are captured.

Your missions include fighting rival gangs, rebels, villains and of course the “merciless, uncontrolled state”. You can also claim the loot and use it to invest in perks, weapons, and more.

Owen O’Brien, Studio Director at Sumo Newcastle said:

“It’s always an exciting moment when you finally unveil the game you’ve worked on behind closed doors for so long. With Hood: Outlaws & Legends, our goal was to create a dark and brutal reinterpretation of the Robin Hood legend that contrasts myth and superstition against artificial power and corruption. The team here in Newcastle are all passionate about players and we believe that in the last 16 months we have created a new and fresh twist on the PVPVE genre. “

John Bert, COO of Focus Home Interactive who will publish the game, said:

“From the first moment we were amazed by the unique dark universe that sumo has created. Hood’s lore, attitude, and gross reworking of these legendary outlaws bring something truly unique to the multiplayer heist genre. We can’t wait to see those to come Months to show more about the game and reveal all the exciting ingredients that make playing with your online gang a blast. “

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