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Supermarket unveils prices for PS5 and accessories

Supermarket unveils prices for PS5 and accessories

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A large supermarket chain may have pre-empted Sony and has already released the prices for the PlayStation 5.

The wait for the PlayStation 5 will soon come to an end: the console is expected to go on sale in November. Sony has not yet confirmed this, and concrete prices are not yet known. Now Carrefour, a large supermarket chain from France, is said to have leaked the prices. The PS5 and accessories were listed on the website for a short time – as reported by the Austrian tech website “Futurezone” yesterday.

Carrefour have indicated that the pre-order starts on October 3rd. The digital edition of the PS5 without a disk drive should cost 399 euros. The standard version costs 499 euros. The remote control, controller, PS5 camera, headset and a docking station for charging two controllers should all cost 49.90 euros each.

Earlier leaks and speculation from insiders coincide with these prices. The accessories alone could make you wonder: everyone has the same price for just under 50 euros. So it could be a placeholder from Carrefour. Today, Tuesday 4th August, the prices can no longer be found on the French website of Carrefour.

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