Surprise with the LTE expansion: O2 doesn't have to pay a fine

The threat of a fine has apparently had an effect: Telefónica (o2) can avoid paying a fine from the Federal Network Agency, as an interim goal in the LTE expansion was achieved. Telekom can also pat itself on the shoulder. The expansion of the LTE networks is still not complete.

o2: LTE penalty payment just averted

In April 2020, things got too colorful for the Federal Network Agency. After the requirements for the network operators to expand the LTE networks in Germany were not met, the threat of a fine of 600,000 euros should get the providers off the ground. Telefónica (o2) in particular was asked to set up significantly more LTE stations in order to guarantee the supply of mobile internet in the area. Now the company has apparently used its expansion obligations. The Federal Network Agency is satisfied, as heise writes online.

The LTE networks should actually be completely in place by the end of 2019. According to conditions that were set when the LTE frequencies were awarded, 98 percent of households nationwide and 97 percent of households in each federal state should be able to use the mobile Internet at at least 50 megabits per second by the end of 2019. Neither Deutsche Telekom nor Vodafone nor Telefónica were able to meet the requirements. The Federal Network Agency then set several milestones for the coming months against which the performance of the LTE expansion should be measured.

LTE is also becoming increasingly important because of the demolition of 3G. All information is available here in the video:

o2: Delay due to COVID-19

Telefónica was asked to set up 40 percent of the required 7,600 locations by the end of June. According to the network operator, delays due to the coronavirus pandemic ensured that the goal could not be achieved. After the deadline was extended to the end of July, the interim goal was achieved.

Telefónica cannot rest, however: By the end of September, another 1,900 locations have to be supplied. At the end of the year, another 2,660 LTE stations will be added. Telekom had already achieved the first interim goal ahead of time.

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