iPhone SE

Surveys say sales of the iPhone SE they are meeting the company’s expectations. And the truth is that it has its merit. An iPhone that was born at night, incognito, without the media outlets of the Keynotes with which Apple has accustomed us when they present a new series of iPhones.

I know launched in full confinement by COVID-19. One morning we woke up and it was already available on the Apple website. So, without further ado. And with the aggravating circumstance that all Apple Stores are closed around the world due to the happy pandemic. Well, through thick and thin, the new iPhone is meeting sales expectations.

The organism CIRP (Consumer Intelligence Research Partners) has just published its latest survey of Smartphone buyers in the second quarter of this year. And this survey shows how sales of the cheapest iPhone in Apple’s catalog are really good.

The company’s idea with this model was for the iPhone SE to persuade owners of Older iPhones so that they could be updated without having to make a large outlay, and without affecting too much the sales of more expensive models, and the sales data for the last fiscal quarter suggest that they have been successful with this idea.

Survey data indicates that iPhone SE sales represent a 19 percent of the total of the set of all iPhones. They also reflect that 73% of the purchases of this new terminal were to replace an old iPhone with more than four years.

CIRP adds in the report that most buyers of the iPhone SE had resisted spending the money on a iPhone 11 or iPhone XR, more expensive models compared to the iPhone SE.

The iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro are the undisputed leaders in sales

He ends his report by pointing out that although the iPhone SE has a good price and is in good commercial health, most of the terminals sold in this second quarter of 2020 are still for the most expensive devices with better features, the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro, accounting for almost two-thirds of all sales.