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Survival fantasy title Windbound reveals gameplay trailer

Survival fantasy title Windbound reveals gameplay trailer

Are you ready for a new fantasy adventure? Windbound is an upcoming indie title due to be released on August 28th. With serious undertones of Wind Waker and Breath of the Wild, this looks like a great little game that you can put yourself in the next month.

The current gameplay trailer gives us a bit more insight into what we can expect from this survival-enhancing role-playing game. What you can see below.

What does the gameplay trailer tell us?

The gameplay trailer introduces you to the protagonist Kara. Kara begins to explore the island and comes across some ancient ruins and sea shards. Sea shards can be collected and used to improve skills and equipment.

The trailer shows Kara climbing one of the island towers, which has to be scaled to find keys. As soon as it reaches the top, a mysterious blue light flows from the key to Kara’s amulet. According to the gameplay trailer, it will take some time for the true meaning of these towers and keys to be revealed. So you have to wait and see what all of this means.

From the top of the tower, you have a great viewpoint of the entire island, from which you can see the landscape and decide where to go next.

We can also take a look at the sailing and hunting activities in the trailer, as well as take a quick look at the various islands and landscapes to explore.

Wind-based functions to explore

Some of the features announced and introduced in the gameplay trailer are:

Discover the history of the Forbidden Islands

As Kara embarks on her personal journey, you will discover the story behind the idyllic Forbidden Islands. Each island has the key to a puzzle that you must uncover.

Discover impressive landscapes

With lots of landscapes and islands to explore, travel across grassy plains, rocky shores and troubled seas. From the island towers, you can see the entire landscape of each island before taking on the next challenge. Every island has its own landscapes, its own terrain and a multitude of creatures.

Scavenge to survive

At heart, Windbound is a survival adventure. You have to clean up to survive on the untamed territory of the islands. Resources are scarce, but you’ll need tools and weapons to hunt wildlife and improve your boat. Once you run out of resources, it’s time to move to the next island.

Build your perfect sea vehicle

Your boat is your best friend in this game. It must be carefully maintained and updated if possible. You can build your own seacraft and design your boat to fight dangerous waves, deadly sea creatures and treacherous winds.

Pre-order for ancestral clothing

It is time for Kara to honor her past. When you pre-order Windbound, you will unlock ancestral clothing as well as an ancestral knife and rudder for Kara.

With the clothing of the ancestors, you receive items of clothing that are suitable for a warrior that is passed on from generation to generation.

The ancestral knife has a mysterious past. Forged from Sea Shards, no one knows how the ancestors acquired it. It is a glowing and dangerously sharp blade that cuts just as well as it did hundreds of years ago.

The ancestral rudder, known as Oceanic Gyre, is also a mystery to Kara’s people. It remains as robust as it was back then and will also perform well on demanding sea trips.

Windbound is currently available for pre-order on Steam for $ 29.99 or £ 24.99. Windbound will also be released on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

Are you going to pick up Windbound when it’s released? Or are you planning a pre-order to unlock the additional free content? Let us know what you think about the current gameplay trailer below.

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