Survival games are one of the most popular genres and now it has grown – if only a very small one. Grounded is currently very popular on Steam and Twitch.

Grounded: A “tiny” survival game

There are many survival games on the market, but you’ve never been so small. In Grounded, you shrink to the size of an ant and suddenly have to master completely new dangers and problems. If you want, you can do it with three friends, because the game offers you a multiplayer option.

Grounded: A great success so far

The Early Access game tops the charts despite the price of 30 euros. Statistics show that the cute survival game has peaked over 12,000 tiny ones in the past 24 hourswho stood in the way of the nasty flies and dangerous spiders.

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But the game is not only well received in private households, the community also likes to follow the brave struggle for survival of the streamers on Twitch.

Incidentally, the demo version is currently part of the Xbox Game Pass. A cheap way to get a taste of the game.