"Swan Lake": Third dream "crime scene" is running today

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The viewers again decided in the online voting: This Sunday the first repeats a case from Münster in 2015.

For the second time in a row, “Tatort” fans can see an earlier episode of the Münster investigative team. Today, the first shows the “Swan Lake” case from 2015 with the actors Axel Prahl and Jan Josef Liefers at 8.15 p.m., as the broadcaster announced on Friday. Over the summer, viewers can vote online every week to choose from dozens of old episodes. The winner is determined on Friday.

Last week, almost 8 million viewers watched the Münster episode “Fang Shot” from 2017. At the first desired “crime scene” the week before, the Munich investigative team from 2003 was in the episode “When women eat oysters” Commitment. The third case, “Swan Lake”, is about a body that is found in a therapy center on the bottom of a swimming pool.

There was an incident during the last online voting – the election had been manipulated in the last hours of voting (DF reported). The first therefore counted only a part of the votes.

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  • Tatort-schwanensee: WDR / Willi Weber

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