Swollen iPhone battery

One of the most common faults in lithium-ion batteries is that they can swell to the point of literally blowing up the chassis screen. This is precisely what it happened to me recently on an iPhone X bought in November 2017, we are in 2020 so the warranty does not cover the repair.

Right here at this point the question arises: do the repair yourself or take it to a technical service? In both cases one thing has to be clear, today batteries are not so expensive and directly in the Apple SAT depending on the model it can vary between 55 and 75 euros. My advice (you can do what you want) is that you take it directly to Apple or a store certified by the Cupertino company to carry out repairs of this type.

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In this sense, there are many users who may find the service for a battery expensive and it is not really complicated to change, but it can be dangerous if we accidentally puncture this swollen battery, in fact In the official Apple Store they do not carry out this type of repair work and the device is sent to a specialized center to avoid problems. In the event that the battery is simply exhausted, they do change this in the store, but in the case of swollen batteries there is no option to do so, they are sent outside.

As I say because of the price of an unofficial battery and the price that the repair costs in an Apple store, the advice and what we have to do is take it to the store to avoid problems. In the event that you don’t always have a store nearby You can send the iPhone through the Apple service on the web, but this has a cost of 12 euros more that must be added to the 55 or 75 euros. Be that as it may, the best in this sense is not to risk and for this to take the device to the Apple Store is – I personally believe – the best option.

Wait without an iPhone the approximately 14 days it takes to repair or send another refurbished device is another of the problems associated with battery swelling. As soon as I have the resolution of my iPhone X I will share it, to see how it ends.