Tag Heuer vs Tissot – Brand Overview & Comparison

Tag Heuer vs TissotWhile many of our readers enjoy these brand comparisons, others have told us that they find some of these matchups very weird and even pointless. Many watch enthusiasts would say that comparing Tag and Tissot is “apples with oranges” and that they are not even competing on the same level – so why compare? While this is true in many ways, we find it a useful tool for new watch buyers to get a balanced view of the two brands and identify the main factors that separate the two brands – before spending hundreds or thousands on their next watch.

If you ask a car enthusiast which watch brand is their favorite, you might get two distinct answers: Tag Heuer and Tissot. Both Swiss brands are well known in the sports industry, especially on the racetrack. A look at the watch catalog reveals a veritable list of timepieces with a distinctive racing car design. This is to be expected given that both Tag Heuer and Tissot have exclusive partnerships in the world of auto racing.

This is as close to a mirror game as we’re going to get with Tag Heuer, which makes this particular game pretty exciting. Then it’s time to find out who the real king of racing watches is.

Tag Heuer brand overview

Tag Heuer logo

Tag Heuer is a Swiss watch company that started operations in 1860. It was named after its founder, Edouard Heuer, and was originally referred to as the Heuer Watch Company. Thanks to partnerships with several sports companies, especially within the racetrack, the brand has quickly built its reputation. From the start, the Heuer Watch Company focused on delivering first-class precision with their timepieces. This eventually led to their partnership with the Olympics in the 1920s.

The flawless Heuer Mikrograph watch was a key factor in the signing by the Olympic Committee. This watch went way beyond what you would expect in a high-end watch. At 360,000 VPH, the Mikrograph demonstrated the Heuer Watch Company’s ability to make extremely accurate watches. The micrograph caught the attention of the Olympic Committee and gave Heuer worldwide access to the masses.

The micrograph was simply a miracle in its time, and it still is today. With its first-class mechanical movement, it was able to measure a hundredth of a second. Those 360,000VPH are even more impressive when you consider that most of the best chronograph movements at the time were clocked at 36,000VPH – that’s ten times more than the competition.

Now you might be wondering why the brand is now called Tag Heuer. The transition didn’t come until 1985 when Tag Group Holdings bought the Heuer Watch Company. After the purchase and merger were official, the company was eventually renamed Tag Heuer. Tag Heuer also bought LVMH in 1999, strengthening its company in terms of high quality watchmaking.

To this day, Tag Heuer maintains its position as one of the top luxury watch brands on the market. An achievement that only a few can proclaim.

Tissot brand overview

Tissot watch brand logo

Founded relatively at the same time as Tag Heuer (about seven years earlier), Tissot is another famous Swiss watch brand that has now firmly positioned itself on the list of leading watch brands. One of the defining aspects of Tissot that made it very popular is its high precision combined with a reasonable price. While Tissot is still considered a luxury watch brand, Tissot manages to cross the line between high-end and mid-range to offer consumers a far more flexible number of options.

Thanks to the use of high-precision quartz movements from Tissot, the company has also built a good reputation in the sports industry, especially on the racetrack. Tissot has made a name for itself in this particular sport category, especially with F1 racing teams. Being one of the trusted official timekeepers of F1 racing events is a testament to the precision their timepieces can provide.

When it comes to innovation, Tissot is also no stranger when they introduced the first watch with dual time zone functionality. In addition, Tissot is known to back all watches with a two year warranty, which only shows the brand’s trust in their watches.

Another notable aspect of Tissot is their willingness to experiment with their watches. Tissot has made watches using out-of-the-box materials such as wood and stone. It’s one way to break away from the crowd. Right now, Tissot is one of the most popular mid-range luxury watches with a veritable list of excellent timepieces to back up their fantastic reputation.

Tag Heuer and Tissot see comparisons

Sports watches:

Tag Heuer Monaco Caliber 11 Automatic Chronograph Check

Tag Heuer Monaco caliber 11
Tag Heuer Monaco caliber 11

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Let’s start this match with a band and bring out two timepieces from the most popular watch categories of both brands: the sports watch. A characteristic feature of the Tag Heuer Monaco Caliber 11 is its retro-classic design and the square stainless steel. Coupled with the stunning blue dial and racing car dashboard details, the Monaco Cal 11 is a great watch that exudes style and finesse like no other sports watch on the market today.

A little something for you: The Monaco Cal 11 was used in the classic Steve McQueen racing film: “Le Mans“. McQueen himself chose the Tag Heuer Monaco Cal 11 as his character’s preferred watch. When you see this sports watch in person you will understand why the legendary Steve McQueen himself liked it so much that he decided to officially include it in the movie.

The matte blue dial is only noticeable. With a diameter of 38 mm, the Monaco Cal 11 is surprisingly elegant despite its first appearance. The aesthetics of this watch exude that exciting racing spirit. If you enjoy the classic look of racing cars from decades past, you will undoubtedly appreciate what Tag Heuer has to offer with this Monaco watch model.

As for the crucial aspects of the Monaco Cal 11, it is a chronograph watch with two sub-dials that display and track minutes (30) and seconds (60). As the name suggests, this Tag Heuer watch uses a caliber 11 automatic movement based on the ETA 2892-A2. This movement has an outstanding construction with 59 jewels and meets the required 28,000 VPH, which guarantees absolute precision. In addition, the movement offers an additional power reserve of 40 hours to ensure reliability at all times.

If you like the look of this watch but not the price tag, check out this one cheaper alternatives from Tag Heuer Monaco.

Tissot T-Race MotoGP 2019 Limited Edition Review

Tissot T-Race MotoGP 2019
Tissot T-Race MotoGP 2019

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Tissot is also a well-known and highly respected brand that has a solid reputation in the sports industry too. This affinity to the world of sport is nowhere more visible than in the limited Tissot T-Race MotoGP 2019. This beautiful two-tone sports watch in black and rose gold is not afraid of its inspiration – the two-wheeled step missiles from Moto GP (Grand Prix) racetrack.

This chronograph watch from Tissot is incredibly stylish and embodies the rugged and fast-paced appeal of motorcycle racing. It is of considerable size with a case and bezel measuring 48.8 mm in diameter. This is a watch for larger hands / wrists. Interestingly, the case has a brake disc design that further enhances the motorcycle aesthetic.

The high-precision quartz movement ETA Caliber G10.212 is located within the gear-like design of the case. This mechanism operates the three sub-dials with extreme accuracy – each of the sub-dials tracks seconds (60), minutes (30) and 1/10 of a second. The dial is also well protected by a scratch-resistant and glare-free glass window made of sapphire glass.

This Tissot sports watch is a limited model with only 3,333 pieces in circulation. This is a watch that enthusiasts will want in their collection, especially if they are a fan of the motorcycle racing circuit.

Dress clocks:

Tag Heuer Carrera caliber 5 day date review

Tag Heuer Carrera caliber 5 day date
Tag Heuer Carrera caliber 5 day date

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The Tag Heuer Carrera Caliber 5 is an elegant watch that deviates a bit from the brand’s typical sporty watch design. If we go for charm, the Tag Heuer Carrera Cal 5 is brimming with swagger. This is a watch that can be worn by professionals, nothing too flashy or extravagant, just a simple but elegant dress watch powered by Tag Heuer’s signature precision.

The highly polished 41 mm stainless steel case gives the Tag Heuer Carrera Cal 5 an extra sense of prestige that will be the cherry on top of your formal attire. With its minimalist and traditional design, no space is wasted. Inside, the Carrera Cal 5 shows its strength. The watch is powered by the automatic Caliber 5 movement based on the ETA 2824-2 mechanism. It uses 26 jewels and watches running at 28,800 V / min and also has an impressive power reserve for up to 38 hours.

In addition to its precision, the Carrera Cal 5 is also designed for a water pressure of up to 100 meters. Simple and to the point, the Carrera Caliber 5 is a noble and uncomplicated dress watch that delivers what is needed with finesse.

Tissot Chemin Des Tourelles Powermatic 80 review

Tissot Chemin Des Tourelles Powermatic 80
Tissot Chemin Des Tourelles Powermatic 80

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Tissot draws a fine line when it comes to their watch models. While they are known for their sporty looking watches, they also develop some really stylish dress watches. The Tissot Chemin des Tourelles Powermatic 80 delivers both the sizzle and the steak with its “meaty” clockwork.

Externally, the elegant and sophisticated look of the Chemin des Tourelles Powermatic 80 is a feast for the eyes. The traditional look is enhanced by the threaded outer rim. The breathtaking matte blue dial also highlights its refined charm.

Of course, this is Tissot that we are talking about. So expect a flawless mechanism under the chic exterior. As the name suggests, this Tissot watch is powered by the company’s first movement, the Powermatic 80.111 automatic movement with an analog display. This movement has a 23 jewel construction and a flawless 28,800VPH. The Powermatic 80 is also known for its fantastic power reserve, which clocks in after 80 hours.

The 42 mm stainless steel case has a beautiful blue dial protected by a sapphire glass window. Note, however, that this beautiful dress watch only has a water resistance of 50 meters. It can withstand the occasional splash of water, but does not submerge it.

Conclusion: Tag Heuer vs Tissot – which is better?

The general consensus is that Tag Heuer outperforms Tissot in terms of reputation and brand awareness. Don’t count Tissot out just yet, however. For starters, Tissot uses high quality movements at a realistically affordable price. While Tag Heuer certainly has a higher resale value, I tend to Tissot for a reason: the variety of choices.

Tag Heuer holds the crown first and foremost if you are looking for high-precision sports watches. While Tissot may not compete at the level of Tag when it comes to build quality, they do offer a variety of watch models and styles at a significantly cheaper price.

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