Taylor Swift's new album sets new record for Apple Music plays

Taylow Swift - Folklore

Last week, Taylor Swift released a surprise new album called Floklore, a new album that is breaking all records for streaming music services. According to the media Deadline, Taylor Swift’s new album, established a new record of reproductions in Apple Music with 35.47 million views.

Unlike previous years, in which Swift initially and temporarily releases its new albums on Apple Music, this new title is available on all streaming video services. On Spotify, the number of views during the first 24 hours was 79.1 million, which means a new record for a female artist for the first 24 hours.

Thanks to these figures, this new album will debut at number 1 on the Billboard album chart and will surpass the numbers of his last album Lover released last year.

Folklore is Taylor Swift’s eighth studio album, a new album that nobody expected and whose songs were written and recorded during the closure caused by COVID-19.

Following the introduction of Apple Music in June 2015, Taylor Swift kept the 1989 album out of Apple Music after announcing her disapproval of how Apple handled the initial three months of testing it offered to all users, as it nOr I would pay artists during that period.

Apple quickly changed its mind and claimed that would bear the cost during the trial period. Shortly after, Apple and Taylor Swift signed a relationship that has lasted for several years and that has allowed Apple Music to enjoy the latest albums by this artist exclusively before its release on the other platforms.

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