Team Rocket strikes again, now in Pokémon GO

During the confinement that has taken place in countries like Spain, the consumption of both streaming Video and videogames, on mobiles and on consoles and computers, has skyrocketed. However, not all the games have benefited from it since some need us to be on the street, as it happens to Pokémon GO.

The popular franchise updated its mobile application facilitating its use without having to leave the house. Now comes a more conventional but at the same time more interesting update.

Team Rocket comes to Pokémon GO

As the company has reported on its official blog, the two Team Rocket members, Jessy and James, will appear for the first time in the augmented reality title.

The new update of the game will sometimes make it appear in the area where we move the Meowth’s head-shaped hot air balloon. In it will be Jessy and James and if we touch the balloon we can fight Team Rocket.

This event will be temporarily available, so if we want to fight these two villains we must be very vigilant and periodically check the game. You have more information about this weekly challenge in another official publication of the blog of the game.

Another new feature is the availability in the store of items for the avatar inspired by Jesse and James.




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