Technical problems 1004 of Movistar and the operator's website does not work

For a few minutes, the Movistar website has not worked and is not loading. This also adds to problems on the operator’s customer service phone numbers. As we have been able to confirm, they have problems accessing one of their applications and this affects the correct operation of the 1004 and from the website. At the moment, we don’t know anything else about it.

Problems in 1004

Customers cannot contact Movistar 1004 due to technical problems. Although we have been able to confirm that it is something punctual, momentary and temporary, it has already lasted from 10 in the morning on Tuesday, July 21, 2020, more or less. The operator’s technicians work against the clock to to solve the problems and they will solve them as soon as possible. We will update the article as we have news.


At the moment, it seems that the failure in one of the operator’s applications is not affecting the correct operation of the service. For this reason, both Movistar + mobile lines, 4G networks, FTTH fiber networks or television work smoothly right now.

As a reminder, in addition to 1004 as a customer service telephone number, we have the 1002 For technical support, the 1489 for SMEs or 224430 to speak to a prepaid business advisor. Television customers should call the toll-free number 900 104 709. Other telephone numbers of interest to Telefónica Movistar are Cabins: 900 127 127, Cardioprotection: 901 127 127, Breakdowns: 900 202 002 and Corporate information: 900 111 004.

The other problem of the operator is that the web does not work properly either. The browser displays the message “Connecting …” and does not finish loading the web page. Finally, it ends up returning the message “This website cannot be accessed. ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT ”.

Obviously, the Movistar applications do not work correctly either, since they depend on the same servers as the website. This makes My Movistar It is not operational at the moment and it is impossible to carry out any type of management through the mobile phone.

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