Teka launches kitchen hoods with LED lights and vertical format

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The German manufacturer has just launched its new series of minimalist hoods. With the new models launched by Teka, the company aims to bring minimalism and the avant-garde to kitchens around the world, with a clean design in vertical format and LED lighting that also has manual regulation to adjust the light intensity to our whim.

Beyond the aesthetic section of the new Teka kitchen hoods, the range is characterized by having the A ++ energy certification. To this we must add the dual aspiration system that combines two different aspiration systems, as we will see below.

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New kitchen hoods from Teka: FreshAir system with minimalist design

This is how the new hoods of the German manufacturer are presented. On this occasion, the leader in integral solutions for the kitchen has made the design of its hoods more flexible, allowing the user to choose the size and format of the hoods according to their needs: with or without tube covers, with exit to the outside or with recirculation system … All have a vertical format and a double aspiration system that combines the perimeter and traditional systems to suppress odors and smoke in the kitchen more effectively.

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To this we must add the FreshAir system, a system that helps renew home air for 24 hours in 10 minute cycles. This system can be put into operation even if we are not cooking. In this way, the hood will eliminate bad odors with the entry of fresh air. For hoods with recirculation systems, the possibility of installing regenerative filters is added, filters that suppress odors by up to 95% for approximately 3 years.

All the models presented by Teka are based on new ultra quiet and efficient motors. Thanks to the A ++ certification, its consumption is reduced by up to 75% compared to D-certified kitchen hoods. The icing on the cake is the design, with a minimalist finish that integrates the touch controls in the hood’s screen to integrate with the rest of the kitchen elements. It is worth highlighting the incorporation of several LED lights in a single color. In addition to being adjustable, it allows addressing to illuminate the cooking area and thus improve visibility during cooking.

If we talk about the possibilities of the new hoods when it comes to cleaning, the new Teka range has a opening system that allows access to the filters in a simple way. This system is supported by a series of pistons that ensure the opening of the glass, thus improving safety during filter cleaning. These, in turn, are accompanied by a fat collecting tray that serves as a deposit to store the fat accumulated when frying. In addition to being easily extrapolated, it can be washed in a dishwasher, so that the cleaning process is simplified compared to other models from the company itself.

As for the price of the new hoods, Teka has not provided the roadmap for the models presented. Predictably it will vary depending on the size of the hood, the format and the added additions. It may also vary depending on the distribution company.

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