Telecommuting drives the sale of laptops

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It was something that had come from the beginning of the pandemic and it has been like that finally. Two studies by IDC and Gartner confirm that laptop sales have skyrocketed in the last four months of 2020 with respect to the first four months of this year. In a declining market, the introduction of telework appears to have been the main driver in sales of portable equipment. This growth is also encouraged by the digitization of education, as it relies exclusively on computer equipment to teach online classes.

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From 2.8 to 11.2%, this has been the growth of notebook sales due to the pandemic

So is. The data produced by the two studies reflects growth estimated at 2.8% in the case of Gartner and 11.2% in the case of IDC. The difference of the first study with respect to the second part of the inclusion of Chromebook computers, that is, computers with the Google operating system for computers.

According to the IDC study, the sale of computers with Chrome OS has exploded in the last quarter, probably due to its low cost in relation to Windows computers. Apparently, the demand for this type of device in the United States and Canada is being much higher than in previous periods. To this we must add that the sale of portable equipment in Europe, Africa and the Middle East has skyrocketed by up to 20%.

Telecommuting drives the sale of laptops 1

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If we focus exclusively on Windows computers, Microsoft has confirmed an increase in sales of its computers in the month of April. It has also reported an increase in the use of Windows 10, as well as in the use of Microsoft Office 365, the service that combines the entire Microsoft office suite with applications such as Excel, Word or PowerPoint. This data coincides with the pandemic’s drive to online education, something that had been rumored from the beginning and that has finally been confirmed by those of Mountain View. Recall that the use of Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Facebook Messenger and Skype shot up to such an extent that companies were forced to expand the maximum limit of people in private rooms.

These are the best-selling brands in the last four months

As for the best-selling computer brands, Gartner’s study shows us that Lenovo was the manufacturer that has sold the most worldwide in absolute terms, with no less than 16.19 million computers. It is followed by HP and Dell, with 16.16 and 10.6 million units sold. Fourth place is relegated to Apple, with only 4.4 million computers sold.

The IDC study figures are quite similar to those of Gartner, although they show us much greater growth, with more than 72 million computers sold between laptops, desktops and professional computers usually. It should be noted that the IDC study places HP first, with 25% of sales compared to 24% of Lenovo. The order of the rest of the brands is identical, with Dell and Apple in the queue. In other words, neither study reflects actual sales data. The data that is exposed has been extracted from some direct sales chains, such as Best Buy and other companies of similar fame.

Source 1 | IDC

Source 2 | Gartner

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