Telefónica faces hefty fines for incomplete LTE expansion

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Because the mobile phone provider Telefónica did not fulfill its obligations to expand the 4G network (LTE) in good time, the Federal Network Agency is now threatening to pay a penalty.

If the network operator has not erected the missing LTE masts by the end of July, the sum will be set at 600,000 euros, the regulatory authority said in Bonn on Thursday.

The so-called supply requirements oblige network operators in Germany to supply a certain number of households and locations at certain times. The companies should have already supplied 98 percent of households with at least 50 Mbit / s (LTE) by the end of last year – the mandatory rate per state was 97 percent. This is to prevent network operators from concentrating on lucrative cities and neglecting rural regions. ICE routes and motorways should even be 100 percent supplied with 4G.

After Telekom, Vodafone and Telefónica had gaps in LTE coverage at the turn of the year, the network agency set catch-up deadlines. For Telefónica, where the gaps were particularly large, the first deadline expired at the end of June. By then, the company should have implemented 40 percent of the still missing 7,600 LTE locations.

Telefónica already admitted that it had not achieved this goal, but referred to restrictions caused by the corona pandemic and asked for leniency (DIGITAL TELEVISION reported). All of these circumstances were taken into account in the amount of the penalty payment, the network agency said.

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