Telefónica Spain 2020 Meeting – defense of Movistar offer

The Telefónica Spain 2020 Meeting, under the slogan #SomosUno, was held electronically with the presence of Andreu Buenafuente, Patricia Conde or Ángel Martín as presenters and the voices of the operator’s CEO, Ángel Vilá, the president of Telefónica España , Emilio Gayo, and the CEO of the Spanish division, María Jesús Almazor.

Offers too similar

Ángel Vilá began by recalling the great effort made by the operator during the first semester to point out that the second of the year will also be full of challenges. Of course, he stressed that Spain is still the Telefónica’s flagship and recalled that they must continue to focus on growth and management, working as a single team.

However, the most interesting statements came to us from Emilio Gayo. The president of Telefónica in Spain took the opportunity to praise your new commercial offer which has been reinforced in recent weeks. Without going any further, unlimited data has been released in the Infinite Contract or the Fusion Starts or Fusion Selection Fiction packages.

Gaius believes that all competitors are too similar to each other and that Movistar is the only one really different thanks to its wide offer. Among other things, he recalled the launch of the unlimited plans, the integration of Disney +, the original series that have been successful or the growing number of users who have opted for Movistar + Lite.

In the field of companies, he also recalled the launch of FlexSite, the great offer they have for SMEs, the agreements signed with major players in the sector and other important improvements. Finally, María Jesús Almazor focused on the challenge ahead to change the relationship with the client. To do this, they work to offer customer service by WhatsApp for their residential customers.

This also recalled that the company’s effort to deploy and have fiber coverage in small municipalities, something differential in the sector. In fact, it confirmed that no competitor can claim to have almost 100% fiber in 2024, being the only ones who can boast of it.

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