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Telegram denounces Apple for monopoly before the European Union

Telegram denounces Apple for monopoly before the European Union

The percentage that Apple stays of all the purchases that are made in the App Store, is gradually becoming a little big problem for Tim Cook’s company. But not only because of the percentage, but also because It is the only way to offer applications on this platform.

The last company that has moved tab and has filed a lawsuit against Apple in the European Union regarding its policies is Telegram, the messaging application with more than 400 million monthly active users and that joins the one previously presented by Spotify and Rakuten.

According to the Financial Times, who has had access to the lawsuit that Telegram has presented, it affirms that Apple must allow users have the opportunity to download software from outside the App Store.

Google is never included in these lawsuits, because despite having the same rate as Apple, SI allows you to install applications from other application stores or repositories.

Financial Times states that Telegram’s complaint comes from 2016, when Apple prevented it from launching a gaming platform in the App Store because it considered that it violated the rules of the app store.

Telegram was forced to abandon the idea to prevent its application from being removed from the App Store. From Telegram they affirm that this is a clear example of the Apple’s ability to curb innovation thanks to its monopolizing power in the application market.

This new antitrust lawsuit against Apple is completely independent of the investigation that is being carried out in the United States, but if from the European Union it forces Apple to allow other stores to reach its platformThis measure will probably be applied worldwide.

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