Telegram founder sticks his finger: "Telegram is not for sale"

Telegram does not sell: The founder of the application claims that it will not sell the application despite pressure from governments.

“We are not going to sell Telegram, either in part or in full. This will always be our position. “ That’s how blunt it shows Pavel Durov, founder of the paper plane messaging application, in a statement posted on his official Telegram channel.

In it, he talks about latest events around TikTok and its alleged veto by the United States Government, which could compel ByteDance to sell TikTok’s US operations to an American company.

Given this, Durov affirms that, unlike other companies –such as Uber–, Telegram has remained intact for years and at no time has it yielded to pressure from governments. Claiming that the application will never sell.

Pavel Dúrov

This is how the founder of Telegram responded to the attempt to purchase the app by a Russian company.

“Telegram is not for sale, neither now nor ever”

In the statement, Durov alludes to previous purchase attempts by companies that, taking advantage of the decision of the governments of their corresponding countries, they decided to present purchase offers by way of ultimatum:

“At Telegram we have always rejected offers to sell our operations in specific countries. A few years ago we received letters from two funds linked to countries that later tried to block Telegram. Both letters expressed the same idea: “Telegram will soon be blocked in our country, so their only option is to sell us the local part of their business.”

Apparently, the response of the founder of Telegram to both offers was the same, and in both he expressed an idea not very different from that of the image that heads this article to represent, in short, that Telegram will never betray its users selling their operations to other organizations.

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