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Telegram increases the size of files and lets put profile videos

Telegram increases the size of files and lets put profile videos

Telegram has released a new update to its application with numerous improvements, such as increasing the file size limit or a new way to show our profile.

Profile Videos

Until now we could have any profile photo image but now we can do the same with videos. In this way, we can record a short clip and the system will play it when someone enters our profile.

When we are in a chat a frame of that video will be shown, the one that we want.

Telegram includes a beauty mode in the front camera

When we record a video or take a photo with the front camera Telegram will now give us the option of smoothing the skin with controls similar to those that some Chinese mobiles have in their camera apps.

Thumbnails in chat lists

The next change is seen in the chat list, not within them. We will be able to see a small thumbnail of the image that they have just sent without having to enter the chat.

These thumbnails will also appear in notifications and search lists, giving us an idea of ​​what has been sent without having to open the message.

Group Statistics

One of the most used Telegram functions are its groups. With the new statistics we can know which members are the most active, how long are their messages, etc. It is similar to what we have on the channels.

Video editor

Another great added feature is the one that allows us to edit a video by simply rotating and cutting it. This is useful even to use the function to edit quickly without having to install another app on Android.

In addition to these functions, there are improvements in the way of locating People nearby, indicating the distance they are at. Along with this function, the search engine has been improved to filter by chats of people that we do not have in the contacts. And has increased maximum file size from 1.5GB to 2GB.

And there are new animated emojis, in case we want to use them instead of the conventional stickers or emojis.

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