Telegram is updated and allows us to establish a video as a profile and share files of up to 2 GB and


While some platforms, such as WhatsApp, se have settled into their privileged position And they do not bother to add new features to their platform, the boys of Telegram, with 400 million active users, continue to add new features and improve some of the ones they already offered us.

Telegram has released a new version of the iOS application, version 6.3, a new update that offers us two interesting functions. The first of them allows us to establish a video as a profile image and the second is found in the maximum size of the files we want to share.

Telegram set the maximum size of files to be shared at 1.5 GB. That was 6 years ago. This has been one of the main functions, in addition to being cross-platform, so this application has managed to grow and become the most used among users who need share files of a certain size conveniently from your computer.

The comparison with WhatsApp, leaves the Facebook platform in a very bad place, since it only allows us to share files of any type with a maximum size of 16 MB (2 GB in the case of Telegram after the last update). If it is a document, this size extends to 100 MB. Presumably, that if WhatsApp finally launches the much-rumored application for computers, expand this space, or at least it should.

Another interesting news that the latest Telegram update offers us is the possibility of add a video to our profile, a video that only plays when we access the profile. In these videos, we can add effects and select the frame that we want to display the main image of our profile video.

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