Telegram is updated with sending files of up to 2 GB (and many more news)

Telegram continues in this constant fight with WhatsApp to see which is the best online messaging platform, and the truth is that right now, There is a certain feeling of a tie between the two services. This debate does not usually leave anyone indifferent, and it seems the story never ends.

But today we are going to tell you great news if you are an adept user of Telegram, or who use it occasionally. And is that, the company’s application has been updated with file uploads up to 2GB, videos in profile photos and much more, Let’s take a look!

Telegram for Android

Telegram is a messaging service that stores data in the cloud, which offers many possibilities

This includes the new Telegram update

If you use Telegram and you like to show off in your profile photos, you are in luck, since one of the novelties of this update is to be able to upload a short video to your profile picture, choosing a frame to show it static. Of course, when people click on your photo, the full video will be seen.

And hand in hand with this change, Telegram has included a multimedia editor and a smooth skin mode for all the photographs you take with the front camera. Although as Telegram has stated on its blog, “You don’t need to look stunning, you are stunning.” The “People Nearby” mode has received improvements as well, and will show how far people are from your location.

Telegram Andro4all

The Telegram application open on an Android phone.

On the other hand, thumbnails will now appear in the chats of the images you receive, so that in this way You can get an idea of ​​what they have sent you without having to open the chat. These thumbnails will also appear in notifications, and even in message search results.

Telegram has also included improvements in the management of large groups with more than 500 members, and now they can be seen detailed charts showing activity, the number of messages of each user and much more thanks to the management tools that the company has just included.

On the other hand, exclusive extras for Android arrive, such as the new redesigned music player, a writing field that grows slightly when you write a long message, and also the possibility of cutting and editing videos. Along with this, there is also the possibility of use multiple accounts at once on Telegram Desktop.

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