Telegram makes fun of WhatsApp – and hits a sore point

Image source: GIGA / Emoji Island

WhatsApp is often criticized by users for the fact that functions are missing or that new features take a long time to be implemented. This time the competitor Telegram WhatsApp buttoned up and makes fun of a weakness of the messenger.

Telegram: WhatsApp can only send small files

WhatsApp is the largest messenger in the world, but the app cannot do everything. This takes advantage of the competition and exposes the weaknesses. On Twitter, Telegram chose a point that annoyed many users. Only WhatsApp files up to 100 MB can be sent. With Telegram, even 2 GB are no problem. This difference is illustrated in a very funny way, as you can see below:

Many Telegram users appreciate this ability to send large files. Especially in the home office and the current situation, it is easier to send data from one person to another and not to be dependent on external service providers. However, documents that are too important should not be shared via Telegram, everyone should be aware of this. Some users also use Telegram’s openness to secure data. With a file size of 2 GB you can even create small backups and call them up again and again. You don’t have to pay extra for the storage.

The best WhatsApp alternatives:

WhatsApp alternatives: only if everyone joins

Even if many WhatsApp alternatives look more attractive than the original, they are usually still adhered to. If users have been using this messenger for years, alternatives basically don’t matter, since many friends, family or relatives are simply not represented there. You would have to do a lot of persuasion so that you can take everyone with you – and almost no one can do that. I myself use several messengers at the same time, but with WhatsApp I still reach most people – and that won’t change that quickly either.

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