Telegram works on notifications like Messenger

One of the most interesting innovations in Facebook Messenger is the notification bubbles. Instead of only the notification appearing, it appeared as a bubble on the screen that we can place in the most comfortable position to access our conversations directly.

This original multitasking option is so good that even Google has decided to make it standard for Android 11, a standard that even Facebook itself will implement in its application. It looks like it won’t be the only app to adopt it, and Telegram is already working on this feature.

Telegram already includes notification bubbles in its application

A few days ago Telegram published the 6.3 beta version, a version that you can download if you are signed in the Google Play beta program or through pages such as APKMirror or Uptodown. This version by itself does not bring great news, but it is a little secret that reveals one of the next news in the messaging application.

This option is called Chat Bubbles (Notification bubbles in Spanish) and comes to bring the well-known Facebook Messenger functionality that will be standard on Android 11.

The setting is not in plain sight, and it is that to get to it we will have to update Telegram to this version and follow the following steps:

  1. We are heading for adjustments.
  2. We go to the lower area, and where the version number appears, keep your finger pressed.
  3. We will notice a vibration and an emoticon will appear indicating that we have done it successfully.
  4. We keep the button pressed again and the Telegram development menu will appear.
  5. We enable Chat Bubbles.

Although its behavior can be enabled, it is very unstable, and in Android 11, not being recognized as notifications, conversations will not enable bubbles. In Android 10 we can activate the bubbles from the development settings, and depending on the mobile we use, it will work or not.

Most likely, over the course of weeks the feature will continue to improve, being fully available for the final release of Android 11.




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