Telekom offers smart home control free of charge

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The “Magenta SmartHome” offer can now be used free of charge with unlimited features for home control. This should make it even easier to control alarm systems, heating and security cameras.

If the window is open, then the heating is down: In the Magenta SmartHome app, networked processes can be defined via the menu items “Rules” and “Scenes”. With “Magenta SmartHome” this should now be possible free of charge and without restrictions.

With “Magenta SmartHome”, users can create as many individual rules and scenes as they need. Rules are automated processes that are linked to certain conditions. For example, users can create the command “IF it is 7:00 AM, THEN raise the blinds and turn on the radio”. A variety of devices can be networked with scenes at the same time. For example, lamps together with roller blinds, the television and the music system can create a “cinema evening” scene.

The prerequisite for the offer is a SmartHome center, i.e. the Speedport Smart Router from Telekom or the Home Base. In order to be able to control the smart devices, you also need the free “Magenta SmartHome” app. The control centers can then be used to control Telekom’s smart home devices, such as lamps and radiator thermostats. IP devices from partners such as Logitech, Ikea and Philips Hue can also be integrated free of charge at blogginlägg av på vpn gratis


What more do you need? Maybe “Magenta SmartHome Pro”. Apparently the free version is not quite limitless. Because only the professional version can be used to network special radio standards – in addition to Homematic, Homematic IP and Schellenberg, devices that are controlled via Zigbee will also move into the smart home. Telekom makes another offer to its customers if they rent the Speedport Smart 3 router: “Magenta SmartHome Pro” is included free of charge for new contracts for the Plus device service package Plus for EUR 5.95 per month. For customers without router rental, “Magenta SmartHome Pro” can be booked directly in the app for 4.95 euros per month.

Further details on the new offer and the compatible devices of “Magenta SmartHome” and “Magenta SmartHome Pro” are available at

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