Telephone number starting with "7". Who?


If you still haven’t received a call from a phone number starting with “7”, surely you will receive it sooner or later. It is even likely that when you hire a new phone line you will be graceful with one of these numbers. How is it different from a mobile phone that starts with “6”?

None. There is no difference between mobile numbers beginning with “6” and those beginning with “7”. Its appearance is due to the boom in the hiring of mobile lines that has increased exponentially in recent years. Recall that a long time ago that there are more telephone numbers in Spain than inhabitants and that led almost 10 years ago to the Ministry of Industry to approve the expansion of the numbers. Orange, Movistar, Vodafone and Yoigo have been working with them for a long time.

mobile makes calls alone

Since then, companies and individuals can hire new numbers starting with “7”, although that does not mean that those starting with “6” have been extinguished. And is that, just as new phones are registered, there are also many others that are unsubscribed and are “free.”

Number without any danger

But it is not that we say it, it is how it appears in the National Telephone Numbering Plan where it is indicated that all the numbers used for the provision of mobile communication services start with 6 or, since October 2011, they can also start with 7 .

The numbers of the National Telephone Numbering Plan generally consist of nine digits represented by the alphabetical sequence NXYABMCDU, with N being the number that is dialed first. This figure is indicative of the service accessed on each call. For example, short numbers usually start with 0 and 1, the mobile by 6 and 7, etc.

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Do they have a special pricing?

Once it is clear that a phone number starting with “7” is governed by exactly the same rules as a number starting with “6”, we see that there is no difference between one number and another. He price of calls to mobile numbers it depends on the operating company that provides the service and the contracted rate plan, as well as on the destination operating company, regardless of the number the telephone begins with.

This way if you receive a call from a mobile starting with “7”, you should not be scared. It is not a scam or a scam or a foreign number, it is simply someone who has started a new contract and “has had” to start with that number.

Written by Miguel Martinez

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