Telephone will charge you 20 euros more to install the Internet in your second home

Telephone will charge you 20 euros more to install the Internet in your second home

Taking advantage of the fact that many people will go to the second residence this year, instead of enjoying a long vacation, Telefónica has decided to get a slice.How? Well, increasing the price of Internet installation in a second house. As much as 66%. In this way, instead of paying the 30 euros of the installation for the beach house, now you will have to pay 50. They are 20 euros more than Telefónica will take in your pocket and that will affect all Fusion customers.

According to Telefónica, These 50 euros will cover the costs corresponding to the movement of technicians and works installation, regardless of whether they are for fiber, ADSL or mobile. The product in question for which you are charged this spicy is Internet Segunda Residencia, an option that all Fusion customers have available and that, in theory, offers a special price to reward those who already subscribe to Telefónica.

As El Economista has indicated, Telefónica had in its plans the price increase. But the pandemic and the health crisis caused by COVID-19 caused the company to delay the increase. Increase that does not surprise us at all, if we bear in mind that this is the most common trend in all types of products and services offered through Movistar.


50 euros for installing internet in the second residence

The product in question is called, as we said, Internet Second Residence. All clients who already have a Merger in their habitual residence can choose it. With a special price, it is proposed to customers to install the internet in their second home, either with 10 Mbps fiber optic or with ADSL at maximum speed. Everything will depend on the area in which you have the house, because if you are in a rural area, chances are you will have to settle for an ADSL of three to the fourth.

If there is no fixed fiber or ADSL coverage, it is offered to the customer Internet Radio connectivity, through a 3G or 4G router. In this case, the installations would not be necessary, because it is enough to connect the router in question. It seems that this bandwidth will already be enough to enjoy the correct bandwidth, make video calls or even watch movies or series online.

Fortunately, Telefónica has not thought to raise the price of what its customers pay for hiring this modality for second residences. Thus, Fusion Total Plus customers will get it for 15 euros a month, while Fusion Total customers will have to pay 20 euros a month. Those who are currently subscribed at home to Fusión Selección, Fusión Base or Fusión 0 will get a little more expensive: it will be 30 euros a month. Fortunately, there will be no permanence. And the final price is with all taxes included.

Of course, in order to benefit from this product, Clients will have to demonstrate that they own the second residence. And they cannot do it in favor of another. It will be necessary to prove it through a receipt of the Real Estate Tax (IBI) or any document that proves the payment of a receipt for water, electricity or gas and is in the name of the client.


More increases at a delicate time

From March the weeks go a little slower than usual. We all have it a little more difficult. But Telefónica has thought that this is a good time to increase the price for services to its customers. In this case, those who have a second residence. That, although they have a luck that many do not have, they will have paid (or will be paying) with all their effort.

But beware, this is not the only increase with which Movistar has recently presented its customers. Just before the pandemic broke out, on March 5, the company proposed a further price increase for some Fusion customers. In exchange for increasing the megabytes of navigation for the second mobile lines, Telefónica added six euros to the bill for Fusión Selección with Netflix; three euros for Fusion 0 and Base Fusion; four euros for Fusion Selection, Plus Selection and one and two euros for Total Selection and Total Plus Selection, if they were also Netflix subscribers.

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