Televes is now offering Easy Line antennas

Televes Germany has expanded its product range to include the Easy Line satellite antennas. The technology company announced this on Monday.

The Easy Line antennas should be able to receive programs in SD, HD and UHD in single as well as in twin and multi-subscriber systems. Televes also advertises the antennas with an “outstanding price-performance ratio” in the entry-level class. The reflectors are made of powder-coated aluminum. The diameter is 65 or 80 centimeters. They are offered in white and graphite, and in the 80-centimeter version also in brick red.

Televes promises easy installation of the satellite antennas. This is possible thanks to a pre-assembled back part, the assembly of the feed arm and the LNB holder as well as the mast bracket with an embossed elevation scale (0-90 degrees). Even in bad weather, the antennas should have large reception reserves with a maximum gain of 36.9 dBI or 38.5 dBi at 11.7 GHz. The company also names high corrosion and UV resistance, screws and self-locking nuts made of rustproof stainless steel as well as high wind stability.

When mounting the antennas, the feed arm must be snapped into the back part, as the company explains. According to Televes, up to four coaxial cables can be routed through the feed arm. The back section can then be removed with two thumbscrews on the mast holder, which is attached to the mast with two U-clamps (30 – 60 mm) and a clamp. As Televes goes on to say, all you have to do to mount the LNB is hook a bracket into the holder at the front end of the feed arm.

The elevation angle can be set precisely using a scale stamped on both mast holder sides.

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  • televes: Televes Germany GmbH

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