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Temtem Kisiwa Update brings new island, chat system and increased level cap

Temtem Kisiwa Update brings new island, chat system and increased level cap

The online Monster Battle RPG Temtem has just received the latest major update, the first major update since April. Various features and functions are added, but the big heading is the new location, the island of Kisiwa.

This new island brings with it a host of new tems to collect, locations to explore, and a host of new story missions. The island of Kisiwa is besieged by clan Belsoto, the dodgy organization with shameful intentions to use tems to advance their cause. You must defeat Clan Belsoto in battle to restore peace on the island.

Clubs are a new feature, essentially Temtem’s clan versions, in which up to 50 players can join together in an in-game group. Clans are given custom symbols, backgrounds and frames so you can really demonstrate your loyalty to your clan. No real game mechanics are currently assigned to these clans, mostly just for fun and as a convenient way to connect with other players, but sometime in the future there will be another update, the “Dojo Wars”, in which different clans of some kind fighting against each other.

There’s also a completely redesigned chat system with the newly added option to decide whether you want to chat with certain users or other players in your club. There are also more robust controls for things like muting / blocking other newly implemented players that, according to developer Crema, help keep the game safe and welcome all users.

You have also increased the level cap, where you can now grind your tems to level 58, 10 over the previous level cap of 48. This bump will be enough for certain tems to reach their next level of evolution.

As with many early access games, Temtem has evolved from an early work-in-progress project with some potential to a popular and robust game before it is finished. Due to the fact that it is gradually becoming a more complete package, they will now raise the price of Temtem from $ 35 to $ 37.50. Not exactly a massive price increase, but it may make people who bought it early feel like they have a particularly good deal as these updates are available at no extra charge. They say that with every island they add to the game in the future, there will be a similar price increase. It’s an interesting model, but whether you want the price to go up or not, at least they’re open about it.

You can find more information on the official blog. If you want to pick up Temtem, visit Steam.

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