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Tesla Batteries for the Home: Powerwall and Solar Roof

Tesla Batteries for the Home: Powerwall and Solar Roof

Tesla is one of those companies that work to make batteries easier for us and it continues to offer innovations. The brand named in honor of the inventor and engineer Nikola Tesla and led by Elon Musk is a benchmark when looking to the future. It was with the automotive industry and it also aims to be so with the manufacture of these. Designed for both electric cars and the home, these Teslas batteries represent a breakthrough in technology available to consumers.

Tesla batteries

Now that electric cars are becoming more and more frequent, we find charging points throughout Spain that allow us to recharge the vehicle’s battery to continue on our way. In the case of Tesla cars, you have a Tesla map with chargers if you want to know where to find them. On the map you can see the superchargers They offer us a very fast charge or also destination points around the world (which we find, mainly, in hotels or restaurants or shopping centers) Thanks to this map we do not run out of battery.

Tesla is known for manufacturing for cars, as well as in homes as we will see in the next paragraphs, and it is in this field where its evolution is best known. The electric car industry There is always the downside, on the part of consumers, that Tesla batteries have a short lifespan and that their long-term reliability is not enough to convince buyers. Tesla works so that these prejudices are not a problem and to implant his electrical cars of massive form in the highways.

Tesla batteries

A million kilometers

Elon Musk’s company is studying a battery that would last a million kilometers and have a life of more than 15 years. Currently the batteries support about 3,000 charge cycles, that is, about 250,000 kilometers. So this advance would be a true revolution in this field, since the battery could survive the car in which it is mounted, be recycled and used for other purposes.

To give us an idea, the Tesla Supercharger V3 has a maximum power of 250 kW and allows us to recharge 25 kilometers of autonomy per minute. But in addition to its ultra-fast chargers for its different models, the company has Powerwall, a battery designed for the home and not for the vehicle.

Home Powerwall

Tesla has been offering for years a system called Powerwall, a battery that is integrated into the home solar panel system and that stores the surplus energy produced during the day to be consumed at night or when more power is needed, minimizing dependence on the traditional electricity grid. To enjoy this Tesla battery designed for the home it is necessary to have a solar energy system in your house, that is why it is designed especially for large houses and not so much for floors.

Self-sufficient home

The idea for Tesla batteries for home is that of a self-sufficient home. In other words, a battery that integrates with solar energy to store the surplus during the day and supply it when there is no solar energy, so that we have little dependence on the electricity grid. The installation can be expensive but we will save a lot in the long term thanks to recovering this solar energy.

Tesla Batteries - Powerwall

How does it work

Powerwall is a battery that is charged thanks to the excess energy of your solar panels. It is an automated system that requires no maintenance and has a very simple installation. When your home needs energy and the solar energy system is not able to offer it, Powerwall supplies electricity to your house so that the dependence on the traditional electrical network is minimal. Depending on the size of your home And for your home appliances, Tesla will recommend one or more Powerwalls for your home. The price of each of them is 7,500 euros, without having the installation, so you will have to take account of whether the long-term savings in electricity are worth it or not.

Solar Tesla

It uses an internal inverter to convert DC (continuous) energy into AC (alternating) energy, which reduces costs. It is a device of a little more than a meter high that is placed on the wall or on the ground, which is stackable if you have more than one and that resists weather conditions such as rain or hail. It has an application so you can control it from your mobile and it integrates with Tesla’s Solar Roof system, the company’s solar energy technology, so if you do not have this technology in your home yet, you may be interested in studying the option of a comprehensive order for Solar Roof and Powerwall.

Safe, for indoors or outdoors

Powerwalls promise be safe to the touch so they are not dangerous for children or pets because there are no vents or exposed cables. It also has the advantage that you can choose whether you want to install it on the wall or on the floor with the possibility of stacking up to ten units together outdoors. And, as we have explained, it is resistant to inclement weather such as water, dust, etc. If you choose to put them indoors there is no noise, it is quiet and does not need maintenance.

Ordering and installation

From the Tesla website you can fill out a questionnaire in which you will be able to know how many Powerwall batteries you need in your home according to the estimated energy use. The first thing you should choose is the size of the home with a slider from 40 meters to 560 square meters. Once you mark the house size, you will be able to choose between the equipment or devices that you have at home and that consume a lot of battery: air conditioning, pool pump or electric vehicle charging equipment in case you have one of them.


When you have already filled in this information, you can choose whether you have technology to choose solar or if you want to install solar energy technology but you do not have it yet. Once everything is completed, you will see the estimated price of your order according to the Tesla Powerwalls you need and the total cost with the support team. It is not affordable and the sum can reach 25,000 euros But it can be interesting in terms of long-term savings, and Tesla batteries can be such savings.

Once you have completed everything, as we see in the screenshots, Tesla will contact you to know more about your interests or the project, will do a home evaluation and you will have to confirm the order. When you have confirmed it, the company will proceed to the installation of the Powerwalls you need at home.

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