A small revolution is looming in the field of e-cars: With technology from Formula E, the new Lucid Air sedan from Lucid Motors can last much longer than the Teslas from Elon Musk. But apart from that, the car is impressive.


New Tesla competitor: range of up to 832 kilometers

The Lucid Air should come onto the market this year. With beads of sweat on their foreheads, the engineers at Tesla can expect the presentation of the sedan, because in some points the electric car can well leave the Tesla far behind.

Now the center of the Research Association for Energy Technology and Internal Combustion Engines (FEV) from the USA has taken a closer look at the car, as reported by golem.de. According to a standardized test, the Lucid Air can drive 832 kilometers in a row – that is significantly more than what Teslas are currently delivering. Even the new luxury version of the Mercedes EQS cannot keep up.

Since tests in the laboratory do not always match reality, the new electric car is likely to perform a little less in everyday life, but it will still go significantly further than the cars from Elon Musk. Apart from the range, the Lucid Air should be impressive: Allegedly, a top speed of a whopping 320 kilometers per hour should be targeted. It should go from 0 to 100 in just 2.6 seconds. However, no information has yet been given about the size of the battery itself.

When developing the Lucid Air, Lucid Motors can rely on technology that has already been tested in Formula E. The battery is being co-developed by Atieva, which has been providing the batteries for the electric formula cars since 2018. Atieva is the engineering division of Lucid Motors.

More about the car can be found here in the trailer:

E-car Lucid Air: Presentation in September 2020

Lucid Motors would like to present its e-sedan online in several versions on September 9, 2020. While some details on performance and design have already been announced in advance, a few question marks remain. How much the company would like to have for Lucid Air and whether the electric car will be available in Germany at the start is still open.