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One of the smartphones that attract attention in today’s mid-range market is the Motorola Edge, a device that includes striking options such as an excellent autonomy and, in addition, its main camera, has no less than four sensors. We show what can be done with it.

The truth is that this model comes with a camera that includes a good amount of elements to offer the best possible quality in everything kind of situations. The specific hardware, which can be seen in the Motorola Edge tab, is the one we list below:

  • 64 MPx main, f / 1.8, 1 / 1.72 ″ and PDAF
  • 8 MPx, f / 2.4, 52mm telephoto lens, 2x optical zoom and PDAF
  • 16 MPx, f / 2.2 and 13mm wide angle
  • 3D TOF depth

Motorola Edge sensors

With these condiments, or normal, it is expected that things will go well when it comes to taking photos, both during the day and at night, and the truth is that we have already announced that this model perfectly meets all that is needed and, even , it should be said that a little more. By the way, the application included in the Motorola Edge is Really good, since on the one hand it is simple and on the other it includes everything you need to get the most out of the phone’s sensors. Thus, for example, among the existing Modes there is one for the night or one for Macro that is quite effective.

With a good amount of adjustments, such as the possibility of taking a quick shot with a combination of buttons, it also includes a top strap with quick accesses to useful actions, such as the use of Artificial intelligence (Which, by the way, is quite efficient when it comes to recognizing scenes).

Quality photos in all situations with Motorola Edge

In general, the results obtained at 16 Mpx (with 64 megapixels, the work is also good, but not as much as one would expect), which is the standard with which it works by default, offer good performance since the noise is low and, also, colors are represented reliably -which speaks well of the dynamic range offered by this smartphone-. By the way, there is something that we liked a lot: the use of HDR automatic. This fits shape very efficient And the truth is that his work makes the improvement of the shots very good and, therefore, it is worth using it.

Motorola Edge front camera

We leave below several examples of what is possible to achieve in different situations with the camera that is integrated in the Motorola Edge:

In specific situations the behavior of the terminal is more than good, since for example the wide angle does not have any deformation and, therefore, it works well in all the spectrum that it is capable of using. When it comes to blur portraits, the help of the ToF sensor is noticeable and allows clearly distinguish the main element from the background. A good job that surely more than one fully convinces except in the wide angle.

No problem taking photos at night

The Motorola Edge is not lacking a Night Mode, which behaves well. It has the good detail of working with great speed, something that is not exactly usual, and the truth is that it “messes” brightness effectively and without adding much additional noise. With a correct work with the streetlight lights, the existing shadows are shown with solvency. Good results, therefore.

Finally, it should be noted that the videos (which can reach 4K resolution at 30 FPS), and are not entirely bad since electronic stabilization is used … which has proven to be more efficient than expected. The truth is that definition and representation of scenes is good, and it is a pleasant surprise this in the Motorola Edge with all the qualities that the terminal allows.

Written by Iván Martín

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