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Test: is a laser projector suitable as a TV replacement?

Test: is a laser projector suitable as a TV replacement?

The Optoma UHZ65UST and the LG HU85LS are currently two comparable ultra short-throw projectors available. In the final test comparison, we show you the similarities and differences between the two projectors.

To be able to illuminate an XXL screen from a few centimeters away is finally possible with ultra-short distance beamers. Thus, the large-screen theme is also interesting for use in the living room. The image projection becomes a contrast booster with a suitable UST screen, because special surfaces deflect the light forward and at the same time block incident residual light. In our test, we were able to increase the contrast of the white space almost by a factor of 10 compared to a white screen. But are these advantages sufficient to speak of a real TV alternative?

DMD chips with 4K pixel shift, laser light source and integrated speakers can be found in both Optoma’s UHZ65UST (top) and LG’s HU85LS (bottom). The extremely different price tags of the two projectors reveal, however, that the technology inside is not identical

The comparison

A special screen like the Optoma ALR 101 (100 inches, 1,400 euros) is absolutely necessary for ultra short-throw projectors. Due to the special groove structure, the light from the projector is directed from below to the front. Viewed from below, the canvas therefore appears white
The further you look at the canvas from above, the darker the picture area appears. The slat structure effectively blocks incoming room light from above, thus increasing the contrast in the living room. Important: Be sure to set the UST canvas upside down!
The inherent noise of the LG HU85LS in the test was slightly lower at 41 dB than that of the Optoma UHZ65UST (43 dB). Both projectors work sufficiently quietly at maximum light output, the volume is comparable to that of modern game consoles
LG’s HU85LS not only supports Dolby Digital, but also DTS sources, but the speakers of the cheaper Optoma UHZ65UST provided significantly better sound quality: Even at 80 dB, the speakers sounded more saturated and without distortion

Here it goes on to part 2 of the test with data from the measurement laboratory!

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