That happens today at "Die! Herz! Schlag! Show!"

“The! Heart! Blow! Show “goes into the third round at ProSieben tonight. In the new episode, jungle camp celebrities face up to the crazy challenges.

In the third edition of the entertainment show there will also be two teams competing against each other. The goal is to have your heartbeat under control as much as possible and to withstand the thrill of different tasks. One team this week consists of Jungle King Joey Heindle and Near-Jungle Queen Larissa Marolt, who kept TV Germany busy for two weeks in 2014. Together with the comedian Özcan Cosar, the two fight against the team Frank Rosin. The TV chef receives support from actor Martin Klempnow and pop singer Jasmin Wagner.

As ProSieben reports, the men have to face a joke-like contraction simulator this week. The best way to keep your pulse at bay is to win the game for yourself and your team. The show is moderated in the usual manner by Steven Gätjen. Broadcast starts tonight at 8.15 p.m. on ProSieben and Joyn.

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  • heartbeat show: obs / ProSieben / Jens Hartmann

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