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That should not have happened

by Tejas Dhawan

Apple’s first Mac with its own ARM processor ends up with the developers in these hours. However, some of them break the rules – it shouldn’t have happened that way. However, we can only be happy.

You can’t buy this Mac, you can only rent it. We’re talking about the DTK – the Developer Transition Kit. A special Mac mini with the Apple A12Z of the current iPad Pro. Developers can get the calculator for just under $ 500, but will have to return it in the foreseeable future. Actually, the specialists are only supposed to adapt their apps to the new hardware architecture of the Mac, but some developers do not stick to it.

This is what the DTK looks like, which ends up with the developers:

Apple’s first ARM Mac: first prohibited benchmarks

What are they doing? Let a benchmark run forbidden and publish the results. Apple excludes this in the terms of the contract, does not want to see performance comparisons or the like in public. Why is clear: The DTK calculator is never intended for customers, and the Apple A12Z will never be seen in an ARM Mac that you can buy. Rumor has it that Apple will use a variety of the Apple A14 first, a chip that will be used first in the upcoming iPhone 12.

But be it how fast is the developer machine in Geekbench comparison? In the single-core result there are over 800 points, in the multi-core the computer almost reaches between 2,500 and 3,000 points, as several tests document. It should be noted: Geekbench currently only runs under Rosetta 2, i.e. in an x86 emulation. In addition, the A12Z still runs with a “handbrake” and is clocked slightly lower than in the iPad Pro. Even so, the first ARM Mac beats a current Surface Pro X from Microsoft (available from Amazon) – very impressive.

Why and how will Apple use its own processors? The video provides answers:

ARM vs. Intel: The real duel

Now you can easily imagine how a potential Apple A14X would show up natively in Geekbench. However, Apple also has to deliver properly. Let’s be honest: It’s not the weak-breasted Qualcomm processor in the Surface that sets the bar, but the current and future core processors from Intel. After all, Apple gave them a basket. Apple must have a lot of performance behind it today, otherwise you wouldn’t have simply put Intel out the door.

The first real ARM Mac is expected at the end of the year. According to the latest rumors, it is likely that it is a 13-inch MacBook Pro or a completely redesigned iMac.

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