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That's how beautiful the first iPod Touch was going to be

That's how beautiful the first iPod Touch was going to be

IPod touch is a clearly unmarked product from the front pages, so much so that it even becomes complex to find it in the Apple Store Online itself, where you have to surf the web a lot to find this product clearly out of date and that radically struggles with the iPhone SE (2020) that does not cost much more.

Detailed photographs of the prototype of what would be the first iPod touch with a shiny black back have been leaked. Curious the discarded design of the Cupertino company, what is the reason for this drastic change in the choice of materials?

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The leak has occurred on the Twitter account of DongleBook Pro (LINK) in which you can see the three photos of this first generation prototype iPod Touch. Personally I find it much more attractive than the iPod Touch that was launched at first with the back in polished steel. We already know how easily that product was scratched. In this case the prototype iPod Touch we are talking about has the same plastic that would later be used in the 2013 MacBook Pro, many years after the arrival of the first iPod Touch, in 2007.

Personally I find it much more attractive in this case, and above all more adapted to using protective covers, and not as it happens in the current and previous iPod Touch where the horrifying black plastic interleaf is shown on the back in order to improve WiFi coverage and Bluetooth on the device. However, and running the risk that some spontaneous “whip me” because he uses his iPod Touch daily and loves it, it is a product that Apple maintains due to the low investment it makes in its manufacture, otherwise, Someone convince me why it is worth spending € 239 on the 32GB model.

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