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That's ridiculous is the $ 20,000 iPhone inspired by Tesla's Cybertruck

That's ridiculous is the $ 20,000 iPhone inspired by Tesla's Cybertruck

The Tesla Cybertruck-inspired iPhone, which has a market price of $ 20,000, is shown in full in an unboxing.

Earlier this year it was revealed that the Russian company Caviar was working on the ideal mobile companion to Tesla’s famous Cybertruck. Specifically ridiculous $ 20,000 iPhone 11 It has a new design that is out of the ordinary inspired by the popular vehicle and has been seen in full thanks to a well-known youtuber.

Over time we have seen a large number of very curious smartphones come to market with very few pockets available, such as a special edition of Game of Thrones of the Samsung Galaxy Fold or the most expensive smartphone in the world. Among them, this $ 20,000 iPhone 11, inspired by the famous Tesla’s Cybertruck, which gave so much to talk about at the time due to its design.

$ 20,000 iPhone inspired by Tesla's Cybertruck

This is the look of the $ 20,000 iPhone inspired by Tesla’s Cybertruck.

This time it has been the YouTube channel Unbox Therapy who has made an unboxing -which you can see under these same lines- of this curious and expensive smartphone, revealing its entire design. An unusual design for what we are used to in the world of smartphones and a device that is only available to a few, as it costs a whopping $ 20,000.

Tesla Cybertruck-inspired iPhone shown in full in unboxing

In the video you can see how this YouTube channel unboxes this peculiar and rare device, which comes with an exclusive box and a sheet with information about the product. Actually it is an iPhone 11 that comes under the name “Cyberphone” and has a design that has an angular exterior inspired by the Tesla vehicle and which is made of titanium. In addition, and unlike other typical Caviar designs that are more inclined towards decoration, this new device is more practical than it seems at first glance.

For example, the screen of this “Cyberphone” is covered by a titanium plate, which can be flipped down and back to form a holder for the phone itself. If the user turns up, it will achieve excellent protection for the screen. If you can not afford to buy this peculiar smartphone, you can always see its design through videos like the one we bring you on these lines.

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