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With series like “How I Met Your Mother” many fans are excited and eagerly await the last episode of the final season. The Disappointment is often great when the end of their favorite show is not as expected. The ten most disappointing TV series finals were asked in a survey.

Especially in times of Corona, many people watch TV again – especially TV series. The end of a TV show is often like the end of an entire era for many fans after several seasons. Sometimes the final episode leaves a bitter aftertaste with one or the other. To find out the ten most disappointing series finals OnBuy Electronics British TV consumers questioned – and get a clear answer:

The 10 most disappointing TV series finals:

  1. “Game of Thrones” (87 percent)
  2. “How I Met Your Mother” (54 percent)
  3. “Sherlock” (42 percent)
  4. “Lost” (29 percent)
  5. “Dexter” (27 percent)
  6. “Prison Break” (16 percent)
  7. “Two and a Half Men” (13 percent)
  8. “Gossip Girl” (12 percent)
  9. “The Vampire Diaries” and “How To Get Away With Murder” (11 percent)

Attention, spoilers!

In the case of a TV series, the fans agree: The end of “Game of Thrones” was one thing above all – disappointing (like probably the entire last season). After eight seasons of dramatic twists and turns and several unexpected deaths, the plot in the last episode was rather quickly fed off. Too hasty, too much riot, nobody on the iron throne, Daenerys suddenly extremely angry – for many, rather unexpected and therefore unsatisfactory.

And “How I Met Your Mother” also ends up quite high in the ranking. At 54 percent, more than half of those surveyed found the final episode of this TV series disappointing. After nine seasons, fans should finally find out who is the mother of Ted’s children. But in the last episode, Ted meets Tracy and lives the life he always dreamed of, but at the end of the last episode, Tracy dies. Robin and Barney get divorced, and when Ted follows his children’s advice, he realizes that he still has feelings for Robin.

And the typical British series “Sherlock” also comes first in the ranking – 3rd place. Almost half, 42 percent, say that they were rather disappointed with the end of the series. In the season finale, Sherlock discovers that he has a sister – an act that, in the opinion of many, could not build on the previous seasons.

“Lost” ended in 2010, but the final is still very confusing and controversial for many fans. Many mysteries, storylines and supernatural events were not solved at all in the finale. Were the Oceanic 815 passengers dead all the time? Is Jack dead too?

The last episode of “Dexter” was described by fans as “far-fetched”. A smart serial killer like Dexter would not leave his son behind with another serial killer, flee with his sister’s body and throw her into the sea, survive a hurricane, and start a new life with a completely new identity.

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