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The 138 new emojis that arrive on WhatsApp

The 138 new emojis that arrive on WhatsApp

WhatsApp receives more than a hundred new emojis that you can already try on your Android mobile.

WhatsApp is about to welcome a new collection of emojis, made up of a total of 138 emoticons never seen before in the messaging app.

This is how the people of WABetaInfowhere they show us the entire collection with the 138 new emojis that are about to reach WhatsApp.

Some of the new emojis are part of the latest version of the Unicode standard, which in 2020 will bring a total of 117 new emojis to devices around the world.

Emojis on WhatsApp for Android

WhatsApp emojis in your Android app.

WhatsApp prepares to receive 138 new emojis

If it was already difficult to get acquainted with the meaning of all the WhatsApp emojis, the company will make it even more complicated by including more than a hundred new emoticons.

In the new collection, it is possible to find some of the emojis that are already present in Android 11, such as the professions of astronaut or professor, people in wheelchairs or a greater racial variety.

The new emojis are already available in the new beta version of WhatsApp It has started its deployment on Google Play, so that anyone can try them on their Android mobile.

Chances are that it takes a few weeks for these emojis to reach the stable version of the applicationSo if we send one of these emojis to someone who hasn’t installed the new version yet, they won’t be able to see them.

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