The 22 Biggest Apple Fails

Usually Apple delivers very high quality and well thought out products. But that not everything works. We have compiled the biggest mistakes in the history of the company.

Customers, developers and the media keep a close eye on the high-priced Apple devices. Some are wrongly criticized, but some really shouldn’t have happened to Apple. Here is our selection of 22 grossest blunders in Apple history:

With the introduction of the group function of FaceTime one could Listen to contacts. A incredible vulnerability for the group concerned with data protection. After all, the function was immediately switched off as soon as it was communicated in public.

You can only prevent the following hardware problem yourself:

The HomePod has already left its mark on many an expensive wooden cabinet – the bottom can with the vibrations of the music for unsightly rings to care. On the other hand, only an additional pad helps.

With iOS 6, Apple switched from the pre-installed Google Maps to the own card service. At first, almost nothing was right – from data gaps to gray images (above Google Maps versus Apple Maps). Heads rolled and with the help of users, Apple improved the service enormously.

Embarrassing design fail: We basically consider the gaudy hole case on the gaudy iPhone 5c to be a smart idea. But that means the product labeling “IPhone” to “hon” is, that’s mockery. No, cheese.

So that an old battery that can no longer maintain the required voltage does not suddenly collapse and the iPhone turns off suddenly, Apple has come up with a great function: With a weakening energy bar iOS throttles the performance of the iPhone. Stupid only: Apple didn’t communicate that. When it was found out by customers, there was a wave of outrage, and the manufacturer was even sued. You can now switch the function on and off in the settings.

Some owners of the iPhone 4 had reception problems. Reason: The hand could short-circuit the antenna. Steve Job’s succinct comment, “You’re wrong,” caused a storm of outrage. Apple therefore gave customers a protective frame (“bumper”) that eliminated the reception problems. Apple has redesigned the antenna for the successor iPhone 4s.

Apple Pencil - charging on the iPad Pro

The first Apple Pencil loads not on the iPad charging cable, but on the iPad’s Lightning port. What nonsense.

Apple has also not really thought about charging the Magic Mouse 2: the connection is on the bottom. Although this is better than a battery compartment, it still caused a lot of derision as to how a product can only be designed in this way.

But there are more dramatic failures:

macOS 10.13 High Sierra had a serious security vulnerability in the first versions, which made it very easy to gain administrator rights: It was enough Username root to enter without a password. A super meltdown for Mac users.

If you immediately updated your Apple Watch to watchOS 5.1 in November 2018, you were unlucky: That Update completely paralyzed the Apple Watch. Even a reset was not possible. Apple withdrew the update a few hours after its release.

Have the Apple Fails only existed since Tim Cook became chief?

No, mistakes have always happened: The Apple III from 1980 developed a name as a technical problem piece. The Overheating reliably caused crashes. An even hotter affair was …

… the PowerBook 5300 from 1995: The Some lithium-ion batteries caught fire. Many devices did not even arrive safely at the customer. Apple has only one complicity, because the battery was produced by Sony.

Apple can do even less for this well-known “Apple Fail”:

From 2014 to 2017, hackers published private photos of almost exclusively in several waves female celebrities – including nude pictures. They all got the pictures from iCloud. Why Apple is still innocent: Jennifer Lawrence (picture), Rihanna, Emma Watson & Co fell for phishing emails, which they used to send the hackers the access data. From now on, please use two-factor authentication …!

Time change, new year, system update – all reasons why iPhone owners overslept have because of Alarm clock did not ring. The tradition started in 2010 when the iPhone rang an hour late after the time change. Most recently, iOS 11.2.2 in spring 2018 ensured that the mute function also suppressed the alarm clock. That should not be …

The “Bendgate“Accompanied the iPhone 6 Plus, the large Apple iPhone bent too easily for some owners. Really? Tests showed that it was by no means more unstable than the competition. The successor iPhone 6s Plus got a somewhat more stable case.

The iPad Pro from 2018 must also use the Bendgate– live accusation. In contrast to the iPhone 6, it should be isolated when it is unpacked slightly bent be. Apple’s first statement: Everything in the normal manufacturing area. Pooh, such statements really don’t want to be heard by owners of such an expensive tablet …

Another failure from 2018: The MacBook Pro with the fast i9 chip presented itself in the first tests with one lean processor performance. But the hardware was actually not bad at all – Apple failed to control its performance. A software update got the device busy.

Mac Pro 2013 versus Mac Pro 2012

The concept from 2013 to 2019 failed – the Mac Pro is just waiting for the new edition that Apple is working on. The round black barrel without extensive expansion options is the Professional requirements simply cannot cope.

From big to small: What did Apple think about the leather folio for the iPhone X? The official Apple case covers the microphone, you are no longer understood when talking on the phone.

The selfie camera of the iPhone XS smoothed the skin too much for many users – primarily at the shiny spots. Of a “Beauty mode that cannot be switched off“Was the talk, and of the” Beautygate “. The contrast adjustment was behind the alleged “beauty mode”. After an update, it became less noticeable again.

The AirPods prove that a fail can be a great success: Start as Design sin and toothbrush head mocked, they developed into a box office hit – and rightly so, as our test video shows here.

And then there are the Apple products announced has, but then long time or never appeared. The latest example: the AirPower charging mat, which Apple announced in 2017.

When does it appear? GIGA keeps you up to date.

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