The 4 best mystery, crime and puzzle games for Android, difficult and fun

If you like mystery games, you will like this selection of four titles available for your Android smartphone.

Playing with our Android smartphone is one of the things we like to do the most since luckily we have a multitude of titles of all styles and genres. For this reason, if you like mystery games, crimes and enigmas, We leave you an interesting selection of some of the best games for Android.


Several beggars have been found burned on the streets of New York City. Meanwhile, the police seem to ignore this case. Henrry White, an NGO volunteer, will be the first to investigate the matter together with his friends Cooper and Yesterdar, an enigmatic young man who has completely lost his memory. Incredible Spanish game from Pendulo studio.

Scooby-Doo Mystery Cases

Scooby-Doo is one of the most successful animated mystery series ever. Thanks to its charismatic protagonists, the series reached unprecedented success rates and even today it still has its audience. In this game for Android, we’ll join Scooby, Shaggy and the other members of Misterios, S.A. to solve all the mysteries that arise.

The lost City

This is an old school Android game. A graphic adventure in which we will investigate a lost city that does not appear on any map while enjoying its beautiful graphics and beautiful animations. A very entertaining game that will keep us hooked on our smartphone for several hours.

Who Is The Killer? Episode I

Have you ever played Cluedo? That board game in which we are locked in a mansion or castle, there has been a murder and we as detectives have to find out who it was. Well, something similar is this game. Seven suspects and a single culprit. Who is the murderer? It’s up to us to find out.

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