The 4 best roller coaster games for Android

These four amusement park games will make us feel like we are inside one. Who said fear of roller coasters?

We all love going to amusement parks. Both children and adults enjoy inside thanks to the number of attractions and shows available. However, the roller coasters, star attractions of these parks, they are not something that everyone likes either because of how fast they go or because of the height they reach.

Now, the roller coasters of these Android games are not scary. Thanks to these apps we are going to be able to build our own amusement park, being able to customize it to our complete taste. A children’s amusement park or one with the world’s largest roller coaster? The choice is ours alone.

RollerCoaster Tycoon Touch

The number one amusement park game on Android. We can build, customize and share our creations in 3D and that is contains over 250 attractions including roller coasters, restaurants, shopping, and much more. The park of our dreams at our fingertips.

Thrill Rush Theme Park

Thrill Rush Theme Park is a different game. Instead of building and managing our theme park, what we are going to find in this game are roller coaster races. That’s right, you have read it well. More than 40 different models of “cars” await us, 25 costumes, various worlds and all with the aim of becoming the number one pilot.

2048 Tycoon: World Theme Park

If in addition to looking for a good game to manage an amusement park you are looking for a good puzzle game, 2048 Tycoon: World Theme Park is your best choice. It’s about collecting attractions, attracting public and moving blocks to get higher scores and get new and better attractions. No time limit, no life and no Wi-Fi or internet required.

Idle Theme Park Tycoon – Theme Park Game

Another game where we are going to manage our own amusement park. Our goal is to run the most fun theme park in the world, starting with a small one and working hard to make it bigger and bigger thanks to new attractions like roller coasters, ferris wheels or the house of terror. We can even hire security guards so that no one enters without paying!

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