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The 4 C’s and its effect while purchasing from Lab grown diamonds manufacturer

The 4 C’s and its effect while purchasing from Lab grown diamonds manufacturer

Lab grown diamonds

Diamonds are one of the most precious stones in the world. Widely loved by people, it also is the hardest substance. Diamond jewelry is one of the most prominent fashion pieces that are in demand. Be it a wedding, anniversary, event, or birthday a diamond can make anything unique.

Since ancient times, people have used diamonds to mark the importance of any occasion or to showcase their wealth. In today’s era, a diamond is a statement of love, fashion, and taste.

For many years natural diamond jewelry took the market monopoly even though they are expensive and sources that cause damage to the earth. However, things have taken a turn since the discovery of lab diamonds are.

The popularity of lab diamonds peaked during the 1980s and is still going strong due to their affordable price and sustainable nature. Lab diamonds are Real diamonds raised in a lab under Lab grown diamonds manufacturer and experts. The diamond that is grown in a lab has the same components as the natural one. Though the difference between Natural vs. Lab created diamonds lie in their origin, it also affects other factors. Many Lab grown diamonds manufacturer tell their customer that a lab diamond is affordable than a natural diamond. Though they are cheaper, the price and quality of a lab diamond depend on the 4C’s of diamonds, similar to the natural ones. Trustworthy Lab grown diamonds manufacturer will use the best method to create the perfect gemstones for their customers.

If you are a wholesaler, retailer, or owns a business and want to purchase from a reliable Lab grown diamonds manufacturer, knowing the 4C’s of diamonds can help you buy smarter.

Why the 4 C’s of a diamond?

When we look at a piece of jewelry, we are not only looking at the stones, but we also look at the design. The craftsmanship, the presentation, the quality, everything combines to make perfect diamond jewelry.

When we create a diamond or mine them, they are raw. They don’t have any particular shape, and they look like rough stones. After going through the process of cutting and shaping, we get the gemstone we so dearly love.

Hence, the 4 C’s of a diamond is what actually makes the gemstone worth every penny.

The 4 C’s of a Diamond:

The four C’s of a diamond are:

  1. Cut
  2. Clarity
  3. Color
  4. Carat

These four things are crucial as they determine the quality and the price of the diamonds we purchase. Similarly, while buying a lab diamond, these four factors will help you decide what exactly you want. Moreover, when shopping for business from Lab grown diamonds manufacturer, you need to mention the 4 C’s to get the right product.

You have to specify the cut, clarity, color, and carat weight of the diamonds you are purchasing so that you get your products according to your expense and business needs.


The cut of a diamond gives them the shape. To explain in simple words, whatever shape you see the diamonds in is their cut. The cut resonates with the craftsmanship of a jeweler.

People generally buy diamond jewelry based on the most trending cut.

  • Round cut diamond: The most famous shape that generates a classy yet stylish look is the round cut diamond.
  • Cushion cut diamond: This pattern has a square with soft corners to make it look like a cushion. The shape is the best when planning to purchase jewelry with a vintage look.
  • Princess cut diamond: A princess cut diamond is very similar to a cushion cut. The difference comes in the pattern where the princess cut has pointy square edges instead of a soft one.
  • Emerald cut diamond: They are rectangular and steep curved corners. Emerald cut diamonds are affordable, stylish, and sophisticated.
  • Pear cut diamond: As the name suggests, they do not look like a pear. Completely different from their name, they resemble a tear or a water droplet. The unique shape is the reason for its high demand.
  • Oval cut diamond: This one slightly looks like a round, except that it is oval. The oval cut diamond looks absolutely stunning and is the best replacement for the round shape.
  • Heart cut diamond: One of the most beautiful shapes you will come across. But, it is the most challenging cut for a jeweler to achieve.

There are other cuts like Marquise, Trillion, Ascher, and radiant that have unique designs.


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One of the essential things that determine the essence of the diamond you receive is its clarity. Various clarity grades ultimately decide the quality of the diamonds. The clarity of a diamond determines the inclusions present in them.

  • FL, IF: Also known as internally flawless are the highest clarity grade of a diamond. Similar to their name, they have no inclusions, even with 10x magnification.
  • VVS1, VVS2: They have Very, Very slight inclusions that are hardly visible under magnification.
  • VS1, VS2: They have very slight inclusions more than VVS1 but still hardly visible under magnification.
  • S1, S2: They have slight inclusions that are visible under 10x magnification. However, you won’t be able to view them with naked eyes.
  • I1, I2, I3: Also known as Included, they have flaws that are clearly visible under magnification and sometimes by naked eyes.

The clarity of a diamond also affects the price of the gemstone to a great extent. The FL-IF range of diamonds is the most expensive, and the I1-I3 is the cheapest. Hence, when you are purchasing from Lab grown diamonds manufacturer, you have to mention the clarity grade and cut of the diamond.


The color refers to the natural tone of the diamond. Contrary to popular belief, a diamond is not always colorless. There are various color grades that determine the tint from colorless to faint yellow diamond.

  • D-F: The D to F range is the colorless diamonds. They are rare and expensive.
  • G-J: This range is nearly colorless but not as much as the D-F range.
  • K-M: They have a slight yellowish tint to the diamond. The color is very faint and not dark.
  • N-R: In this range, the color increases to a faint yellow shade to the diamond.
  • S-Z: They are a light yellow range of colors. You can easily see the yellowish tint present in this range. 

Carat :

A carat is a unit that determines the weight of the diamond. The carat weight has nothing to do with the quality of a diamond as it just measures the weight and size of the gem. There can be a diamond with less carat weight but of the premium condition due to other factors, and there can be a big diamond with the lower quality.

When you are buying from Lab grown diamonds manufacturer, you have to know these 4 C’s. The cut, clarity, color, and carat will decide your ultimate expenses.

If you are looking for a Lab grown diamonds manufacturer, Finegrown Diamonds can be the right choice for you. Collaborating with Finegrown Diamonds for your business can get you top-notch lab diamonds at an affordable rate.

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