The 48-inch Sony OLED A9 can now be reserved in Spain

The 48-inch Sony OLED A9 can now be reserved in Spain

Until now, if you wanted to enjoy the image quality offered by an OLED TV, you had to have room for a TV of at least 55 inches. However, manufacturers have realized that smaller models may have a market. After all, having no room for a large TV doesn’t mean you don’t want to enjoy OLED technology. So 2020 is the year chosen for the first 48-inch OLED TVs to hit the market. And Sony doesn’t want to miss this opportunity, so just opened reservations for your new 48-inch Sony A9 OLED.

It will be smaller than its high-end siblings, but it is still a high-end television. In fact, the A9 is the manufacturer’s top of the range model for this year. The 48-inch model has exactly the same characteristics as the larger models, so we have the best Sony technology encapsulated in a compact body. Let’s get to know better the characteristics of the new 48-inch Sony A9 OLED.

The same essence but in a smaller jar

Under the hood of the new Sony OLED A9 we find Sony’s most advanced image processor, the Picture Processor X1 Ultimate. In addition, it also incorporates technology Pixel Contrast Booster, which enhances color and contrast in brightness areas. Also, for the first time on an OLED TV, the A9 incorporates the technology of Sony X-Motion Clarity, which addresses movement to ensure that even the fastest action is smooth and sharp on screen. Motion pictures are precisely controlled to minimize blur, so they maintain their fidelity with less loss of brightness during high-speed scenes.

Continuing with the image, the new A9 televisions have Dolby Vision and with him Netflix Calibrated Mode. On the other hand, the A9 is also a device IMAX Enhanced, which means that you are ready to take full advantage of IMAX Enhanced content.

In addition, this year’s models include new technology Ambient Optimization. It optimizes the image and sound quality in any environment, adjusting parameters such as the brightness of the image according to the ambient light in the room. It even detects objects in the room, such as curtains and furniture that can absorb or reflect sound, to adjust the acoustics and offer the best sound.

The 48-inch Sony OLED A9 rear is available for preorder

And speaking of sound, A9 televisions use Acoustic Surface Audio, a technology that turns the TV screen into a speaker. This consists of an actuator that vibrates discreetly to create a sound that is emitted directly from the scene in which the action is taking place.

This technology is closely linked to the “one slate” design, in which the thin screen reaches to the edges to achieve an image without distractions. On the other hand, in the back we find a powerful subwoofer which creates more dynamic bass sounds, ideal for action movies and music.

Finally, it is worth commenting that, as in previous years, the A9 range is committed to Android TV. This has the built-in Google Assistant and Chromecast, as well as compatibility with Amazon Alexa, Apple AirPlay 2 and Apple HomeKit.

Price and availability

The Sony OLED A9 of 48 price can be reserved

The new 48-inch Sony MASTER Series A9 4K HDR OLED TV is now available for pre-order at an official price of 1,800 euros. The television will reach all European markets in late August and will also be available in 55 and 65 inches.

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